Stories I love so much I made Blinkies for them

so I don’t usually do this-Blinkies-they take too much time, inspiration, headaches…is just too much work, especially when you have a computer from the Stone age like I do…but sometimes, just sometimes I like a story and/or an author so much that I want to do anything to pimp this author’s story, so I go “Blinkie-crazy

I have done this for two stories so far: Into the wild by Miss Baby and Lethal to Virtue by The Bond Girls.

Both are WIP (Works in Progress in slang) but both are close to my ♥.

So first I’ll post the Blinkies with their codes, and then I’ll proceed with a brief summary of each story. Okay?

Summary: Where should I start? Have you ever seen the movie “The Village” and said, “Cr*p! I really wanted the monsters to be real!
Well your wish has been granted, because they are in this story. It’s told in third person POV, it is very well researched (is a sort of period piece). Moreover, I love this Bella. I often grow really tired of Bellas who are weak, and use the damsel in distress act too much. I want a Bella that can save herself, and while she’s at it, save Edward. This is the Bella for you if you’re looking for those qualities.
so please give this story a chance. It’s almost at it’s end, updates regularly (Mondays) and the author is quite lovely.

Into the Wild by Miss Baby: Click here to go to Chapter 1

Twilighted thread: click here

Now @Bondward. This story is a collab between @lemonmartinis and @Klrtwilight

First the Blinkies, then the Summary (ever heard of delayed gratification?)

Summary: I’m Cullen, Edward Cullen. *shivers, in a good way ;)*

Yes, this is Bondward. Edward Cullen, the star of many of our collective nocturnal fantasies, is Agent Edward Cullen of the FBI.
He’s no ordinary agent-yes, yes apart from his panty-combusting superpower-he can read minds. Well, he can read everyone else’s minds, but Agent Bella Swan’s.

Can’t he?

Give this story a go, is only on Chapter 2, updates Tuesdays, and Teasers are posted on it’s Twilighted thread on Fridays.

Lethal to Virtue by The Bond Girls: Click here to go to Chapter 1

Twilighted thread: click here

and that ends my tale of the stories I love so much I made Blinkies for them. I hope you give them a chance.

a special Thank you to @SquarePancakeff because she taught me how to do the Code Box for the Codes of each Blinkie. Follow her on Twitter, and take a look at her Blog. She actually makes Blinkies for stories, on request. She’s that nice.

here’s a link to her Blog where she shows all of her stuff, and also does recs: Click here


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