Practice Makes Perfect

In general terms I have to say I agree with this saying. Let’s apply this phrase to everyday things and we will see that it holds true. To achieve perfection we must practice. Even the things we learn through formal institutes, Colleges, etc. If we don’t practice them, that knowledge is easily lost (i.e. I took advanced Physics first 3 years of College, trust me, I remember nothing).

Continuing with this logic if we apply this saying to life experiences. When we enter the dating scene for the first time, we just don’t jump in bed at the first chance, well most of us don’t (smirks), we go by stages. First we kiss, then once we have mastered French kissing we jump into other more satisfying types of exploring. However, Ms Stephenie Meyer decided, much to our collective chagrin, to skip that part in Edward and Bella’s relationship, hence the huge amount of Fan Fiction that tries to fill that void. I have read lots, and when I say lots trust me I’m not exaggerating, of this Fanfics, some have been well written, but featured a Bella and an Edward that weren’t true to Canon. There are very few writers out there, I can count them with one hand, that can write believable Canon.

Ms @Rhian0000 accomplished this feat on her first work of Fan Fiction, with her O/S “Practice Makes Perfect”

Summary: Bella longs to be loved by Edward in every way before she is changed. Edward has agreed to try. On the verge of marriage and forever together, Bella wants to explore their physical love – will he let her? Set at the Beginning of Breaking Dawn.

This was initially a O/S she wrote to fine-tune her already great writing skills (at least to me they are great, she tends to believe she is not that good, don’t worry I Cyber-smack her in the head when she says such nonsense) and after some tid bit of coaxing she’s has decided to post. Now, she could extent this O/S to some other scenes, part 2 is already in the works, so give this O/S a chance, and if you agree with me, put @Rhian0000 on author alert. I expect many great things from her. She’s a very talented lady. You can also visit her Blog Rhi_Inspire where she shows of her great skills with Banners/Blinkies (told you she was talented).

Code for Forums:

Banners for Practice Makes Perfect made by me.
Obs: the actual Banner is a titsy bit bigger…is 500×300 pixels whereas this version is 400×240 pixels, but it fits Twilighted signatures so feel free to copy the Code to your siggie.


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