Died and Gone to Heaven by DoUTrustMe

Edited to add: If you are looking for this fic the author deleted it from fanfiction.net due to personal reasons:
From the writer’s profile:

I removed my stories because I’m not able to finish them or respond to comments anymore. Real life has gotten very complicated.

If you’re looking for Died and Gone to Heaven, someone put a .pdf of it here.

It’s been fun.


I’m just a fan like the rest of you so I don’t know if she’ll ever come back and finish her other fics or not. Just thought I should put that out there. Sorry… xxx

Summary: Accidents happen. Sometimes you die and meet God. Sometimes you live and meet SexGod. B&E. AH. AU.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor – Chapters: 9 – Status: Complete

So, I think that my addiction to twitter is pretty well established by now…


The other day I was tweeting, again… lol… When I saw everyone tweeting and RT about this fic. I’m very wary of reading things rec’ed on twitter or anywhere really due to my sad condition *whispers* wusperviness…


But my dearest friend @tg10781 insisted that I HAD to read this… that it was perfect for someone with my condition… I usually do whatever @tg10781 or @Rhian0000 tell me to do, so I did… I read it and I couldn’t be happier I did.

This is by far one of the funniest, wittiest, most adorable stories I’ve ever read. I adore this Bella in all her dazed and confused glory! She’s just so hilarious, and thinks in the strangest, most convoluted way… You’d think she hit her head too hard – Oh wait she did – but truly she has always been like this it seems… Like she herself proclaims, her brain just doesn’t work like other people’s.

When the story starts she’s in a hospital bed, regaining consciousness after an accident. The first person she sees and/or talks to is Dr. God aka SexGod aka XXX aka Edward Cullen *winks*

Without saying too much about the plot, he’s one of my favorite Edward’s in all fan fiction history. He definitely earns all of his nicknames.


Bella has a slight case of short-term memory loss which leads to a lot of insanely funny moments. This story is full of quotables thanks to Bella’s antics:

“I have sex with you in your office?”

“On the desk. Under the desk. In the supply closet. On the floor. On top of the file cabinet …”

“Okay, I get it. I’m not a nympho or something am I?”

“No, but you’re enthusiastic. And you love me.”

“Apparently, I love you an awful lot.”

He put on a pair of loose-fitting, cotton pajama bottoms over his gray boxer briefs. Damn you pajama bottoms. A pox upon all pajama bottoms. Death to all pajama bottoms.

But my absolute favorite quote is by Dr. SexGod himself:

“Every Edward loves his Bella. In every alternate universe.”


It just can’t get any better than that. So, if you need a reinforced dose of sweetness, and humor, click on the Banner, and read this fantastic story.


4 thoughts on “Died and Gone to Heaven by DoUTrustMe

  1. Hi! So I was rec’d this fic but her link to the PDF doesn’t work anymore. Do you by chance still have a copy your willing to share? 🙂

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