Banner inspired by MotU 2 92/5

Those vows made me cry *sniffs* BTW this Banner is set at 80% its actual size

What can I really say about MotU that hasn’t already been said by someone else and better? I don’t think I can really add more… All I can say is that my love for this story keeps growing exponentially with each chapter…

The last posted chapter  was  very intense, and without being too much of a spoiler – in case you haven’t had a chance to read it yet – There were a couple of scenes that particularly drew me, and those were the scenes that inspired me to make this Banner.

Scene number 1: When they repeated the vows they exchanged when they got married. For someone who doesn’t believe in marriage and has not had very good examples of happy ones, I’m a sap when it comes to my favorite characters being married. Thus, when they repeated those vows in a different context, and with how emotional they were feeling about the possibility of losing each other it made me all teary-eyed.


Scene number 2: Bella’s dream about Versailles’ Hall of mirrors – hence the background on this banner. Bella’s dreams are always so weird and in a way, I think, foreshadowing. So, now I’m really scared for 50 and Bella…


Anywho… if you’re not reading MotU where are you living? because I live under a rock and I still read it…

A picture of my house... the internet connection down here is ace 🙂


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