Irrevocable by MissKingAtYourService

Howdy! I just wanted to share with you this Banner&Blinkie set I made for MissKingAtYourService .


Summary: Bella is kidnapped by a beautiful stranger that cannot kill her, but hates that a human can have power over him. Which road will he choose? When Jacob wants her, will that make his decision? Both men want to own Bella, however her heart only belongs to one. Which will have her in the end? Can Edward protect her from Jacob and his past, or will she eventually be consumed?

I hope you like them…


Please check out this story! It’s an AU for those who like Vampward and it’s labelled Angst/Romance for the AngstH00rs of the fandom!

Just click on the Blinkie and/or Banner and it should take you to the story…


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