Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 1

I’m picky, picky, picky… First we must establish that… I don’t read a story just because it’s popular, and has a gazillion reviews. Nope, I’m the salmon that swims against the stream and prefers to read what I like, what draws me, that which for some unknown reason makes me continue reading…

Another little fact you must know, I have reader’s as well as writer’s ADD. I cannot read/write a single thing for long periods of time, unless what I’m reading/writing consumes even my dreams…

That’s the reason why I’m an awful person to rec stories to – just ask Rhian0000 she will tell you all about it. Like I said, not just because a gazillion people recs me a fic does it mean I’ll read it. I’m stubborn like that, and I prefer to use the method with which I initiated myself in the World of Fan Fiction: Fic Diving.


I Fic Dive a lot, and I’m rather proud of having found by myself a lot of great stories. I even found MotU Fic Diving when it had like 100/200 reviews. Thus, I think the method works.

Fic Diving is like tossing a coin, you never know if you’ll get it right or wrong, but you continue to try… or at least I do.


Anywho, I’ve realized that I should share the little diamonds in the rough I find from time to time, hence the reason behind this post.

Thursday night I was Fic Diving. I was bored and wanted something different to read. I was so bored I even ventured into the world of Fics labelled Angst! As a wussperv, I guarantee you my kind just doesn’t venture into that world without looking like this:

Always prepared is my motto

Luckily for me, it was one of those times in which Fic Diving paid off! I found a little gem, that in my humble opinion deserves a hell of a lot more reviews than it has.

The story I found is called One of These Nights by MellieB40 .

At first I was wary of it for the odd pairing it has in the first few chapters, but I reminded myself that I was wary of MotU’s theme too and I ended up adoring it.


So, I made myself read all the posted chapters, even the non-wussperv friendly ones, and you know what happened?

I ♥ it.

Yep, I loved it! Amazing isn’t it? Even die-hard wusspervs can be swayed to the dark side aka ‘Angst World’ .

But what’s OoTN about?

Without being a horrible spoiler, I’ll give you the basics:

1- Angela is a paid escort: yes, you read right! Pastor Weber’s D is a hooker! Not the kind that walks the streets but the kind that has an ‘x’ number of fixed clients and tends to their ‘needs’ in her own house. Also, his father wasn’t a pastor as far as I could tell… this girl has a very sad past and my heart breaks a little for her.

2-Edward is Angela’s favorite client: *cue to gagging* Yeah, I know! I told you I almost didn’t read it, I bloody had a reason! Anyways, Edward is a 37 year old doctor who was burned one too many times in the love department. He just wants the good in relationships – sex, companionship, sex, etc. – without the bad. Hence why he turned to Angela. However, he’s a little more complex than that, and the layers start peeling as soon as he meets Angela’s neighbor… Guess who?


3- If your guess was Bella you were right! No awards though… sorry! Yep, Bella is Angela’s neighbor. She’s 27 and in the process of getting a divorce from her hub: Sam. He left her, and at first you really feel bad for the heartbroken B, and count the seconds until E charges into scene and sweeps her off her feet. However, E is a little bit stubborn, and tries to fight it.

My reaction to Edward's stubbornness. I'm very photogenic 🙂

Anywho, B is different but the same if you know what I mean. *points up at Banner at the very top – which incidentally I made* She’s Blonde, and has green eyes like Kristen Stewart. She’s sweet to a fault, a wallflower, self-conscious, but adorable. She earns money by doing some bookkeeping – which she doesn’t like very much – and by teaching piano.

See! I’m only giving you the basics and this story is already completely out of the norm in Twilight FanFic. What are you waiting for? Go read this story, and leave the author some love… she bloody well earn it!

That’s it from my front, until the next time I find something worthy of being shared.

PS. I need to chat with Rhian0000 less often. I said bloody twice in this post.


2 thoughts on “Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 1

  1. You need to chat with me less often?????? *fumes* I thought you said you missed me when I was MIA yesterday. *pouts*

    I would take your rec, but I’m not sure if I’m too offended *turns face away*


    • LMAO I knew you would get offended by that comment… In any case I think it’s just an improvement to my Vocabulary… I now can swear in Ame English and UK English… who knows… if I hang enough with you I might pick up some Welsh swear words…


      Thanks for taking into account my Rec… This author truly deserves more attention…


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