Boo… I lost :)

Oh yeah… I entered the Age of Edward Banner Contest and I lost. I’m okay with it so don’t worry. 😉 The winners truly deserved their award, and my favorite banner made judge’s choice.

I can at least stop keeping my Banner a secret… Phew! *wipes brow* I hate keeping secrets just so you know…


I did count the votes and 9 people voted for me, thank you to those nine people whoever you are. Mwah!

Well, enough with the mystery, this is my banner.

To make this banner I had to make a manip, because obviously Twilight is not a period piece, and the story – Marchgate by sarahscriptor – is set on Regency Era (around 1808).

Since I lost I decided to have a laugh – I’m running low on booze – and made this with the manip I made:

Someone seriously needs to write this fic. *snorts*

Anywho, congratulations to sarahscriptor her story placed third in the Young Adult Category . It was well deserved, she really made justice to the period in which her story was set. If you haven’t read the rest of the stories in the Age of Edward Contest you’re missing out. I reccomend you to go check them out.

And that’s it. I better go to bed before Jane Austen’s ghost comes after me…


Bye *waves*


5 thoughts on “Boo… I lost :)

  1. Wow. I love your banner. It looks pretty cool to me. If I knew anything about that, I would have voted for you. =P. And I will have to read sarahscriptor story. She told me about it at the family gathering, Saturday. I was proud of her. As I love to write as well… only not as good as she is.

    • Thank you so much… lol it’s okay, the winners truly deserved it… there were some pretty amazing Banners in Contest… sarahscriptor’s work is pretty amazing, but as someone who writes a bit as well I can tell you that, although some talent is involved, it’s sheer stubbornness that can make you into a writer… or into anything for that matter. Like for instance, if you asked me what I knew about Photoshop or making Banners just in February this year I would have told you… zip, nothing, nada… Now I can tell you I know quite a bit… all thanks to persevering. So if you really do like writing just persevere and one day I’m sure you will be an award winning writer as well 🙂

  2. So that was your banner! I was trying to figure it out. I wish they’d reveal who made all of the banners, not just the winners. 27 was my favorite overall and it didn’t win anything. 😦 The manip you made is fabulous.

    • I guess that’s why they make the contest anonymous? When you lose, and you’re not used to losing, or this is your first contest sometimes you just want to forget about it and move on… I know that when I lost a O/S contest I entered I seriously considered not posting my O/S on my profile, but then decided WTH *shrugs* I just lost a O/S contest is not the end of the World…

      I had two favorites, Banner 14 and the Banner that won judges’ choice Banner 28… at least now I know who made Banner 28 🙂

      Thank you… that was the hardest part of that Banner… I couldn’t just grab a normal picture of Rob & Kristen and use it… so I got a poster of the movie Becoming Jane and made a manip… I’m not very good at them, but I did like this one…

      About Banner 27, today the author for which I made this Banner thanked me on twitter, and said to everybody I made it… maybe the author of Gilded will thank all the people who made Banners for her story as well…

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