Baby, It’s Cold Outside Anonymous O/S Contest


As you must know I was a judge in the All Hallows Eve Contest. I must have done something right because I was invited to join another contest as a judge as well.

Oh but that’s not all, I’ll be in charge of making the Banners for the winners… Can you tell I’m excited? *giddy squee*

Okay, but what’s this contest about?

It’s about Winter!

Quoted from the Contest page:

December is the month with the shortest daylight hours of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest daylight hours of the year in the Southern Hemisphere.”- Quoted from Wikipedia

A Cullen Snowball fight?

First Christmas as a VampireBella?

VolunteerWard at Soup Kitchen?

Holiday Party by Alice?

Ringing in the New Year with KissWard?

We want it all!

Any story with a basic winter theme will be accepted! We only ask that the story revolved around the time frame of December 1st to January 1st!

The name of the Contest was taken from this song:

My sister insists that this is the best version, she’s a musical snob 🙂

So what are the rules peeps?


  • This contest is anonymous and must remain that way! You may promote the contest and say that you entered, but if you reveal which story is yours you will be immediately disqualified.
  • All entries must have a basic Winter theme, taking place between Dec 1st-Jan 1st.
  • Entries can be canon, AH, AU and any genre. Any POV is welcome.
  • No rape, incest, bestiality, or pedophilia. Period! Question? Contact a host!
  • Minimum of 2500 words, Maximum of 15,000 words. Not including your title or submission heading.
  • Collabs are welcome.
  • Two submissions per author/collab.
  • *NEW o/s only. You cannot post or extend your entry until the contest is over and winners have been announced.
  • All ratings are welcome. There doesn’t have to be smut, but it’s greatly appreciated.
  • PLEASE use a Beta. All entries will be validated. If there are an overabundance of grammar and spelling mistakes, lack of Winter theme, or breaks any of the above rules, the entry will be sent back to the author. If you cannot find a Beta I recommend contacting ProjectTeamBeta. If you STILL can’t find someone, please contact SammieLynnsMom and she will find someone for you!

*All entries MUST remain anonymous! If you reveal which entry is yours you will be immediately disqualified. WE WILL FIND OUT!

Some Important dates to keep in mind:

  • Entries will be accepted from: November 1st – November 30th.
  • Public voting will be from: December 1st – December 14th.
  • Winner will be announced: December 18th.

Details about entries:

Send all submissions to . Use Contest Entry in the subject line.

Submission Heading:

Baby It’s Cold Outside O/S Contest



Rating & Any Needed Warnings:

Word Count:





  • First, Second, and Third prizes will receive a banner by @ange_de_l’aube (that would be me 🙂 ) & a feature on her blog (That would be this blog)
  • SammieLynnsMom and TG10781 will both select a Host’s Choice Winner and they will also receive a banner & pimpage on @ange_de_l’aube ‘s blog

So? Will you help me live vicariously? It will be summer down here, and I’ve never seen snow…

*Shamelessly bats eyelashes*

If you want to help promote this Contest, I made a little Blinkie you can add to your siggie:

Code for Forums:

If you need the Code for the Banners/or the Blinkie for your Blog/Site to help promote this Contest, just drop me a line in comments 🙂 I have them in static versions as well 😀


Ange ♥

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