Blind Intentions by SammieLynnsMom Banner&Blinkie Avi

Hello my friends… 😉

You know how when stories switch from one situation or stage to another, the graphics you created for them no longer apply?

Like for instance whenever something big happens in MotU I just feel inspired to make a Banner to mark the occasion?

Well, Blind Intentions by SammieLynnsMom is going through something like that, and to mark the the before&after SammieLynnsMom asked me if I could make her another Banner, and a blinkie she could use as her Twilighted avi… I said yes, of course, since SammieLynnsMom is one of those people I really enjoy working with…

So, before we had this:


See that Strawberry blonde? She's gone on the new Banner... 😀

And now we have this:


See? No blonde no more *giggles*

and the Twilighted Avi/Blinkie


“I am striving to become the man and father I had always set out to be.”

So just by looking at the new Banner you can see where this new stage is going to be different from the other.

The previous Banner was all reds, yellows, and hard lines. This new one is greenery, rain, but also family and hope…

So if you aren’t reading Blind Intentions by SammieLynnsMom what are you waiting for? I don’t think I’ve ever known a more steadier updater than her… She’s on a writing high that woman 🙂


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