Practice Makes Perfect by Rhian0000 is on Twilighted


Hello *waves* I’m here again to share some good news:  Rhian0000 ‘s Practice Makes Perfect has been accepted on Twilighted.


This is the moment for a happy dance

You may know by now that I’m Rhian’s #1 fangirl, so this news made me all sorts of happy. It is a well deserved acceptance into Twilighted, because Rhian0000’s version of what could have happened after Eclipse (if Stephenie Meyer wasn’t such a cockblocker) is the best I’ve read thus far – and I’ve read a bunch.

Yes, it has been done. Yes, this is probably one of the most written about AU/Canon plots in the whole fandom. But you know what? In my humble opinion this is one of the very very few versions that actually makes me feel like I’m reading some leaked Breaking Dawn Outtakes.

Rhian0000 understands the original Twilight characters so thoroughly you feel like you’re reading the books, only the Adult version, not the Young Adult one. *winks*

I gave myself over to him, emptying my mind of all else, as Edward trailed kisses down to my breasts, kissing and suckling. Everything was so new. I looked at him seeing my nipple disappear into his mouth, his lips covering his teeth but sucking on me.  I quivered beneath him, feeling his weight on top of me pinning me to my bed.  My hands gripped my pillow, my consciousness adrift from my body, yet feeling… everything… I was sensation itself.

“Shh,” Edward whispered against my left breast, his cool breath creating a unique feeling against my exposed, teased and puckered nipple.  I writhed, but tried to keep silent. I didn’t want any interruptions, God no! Though part of me was too far gone to care.

My breathing was erratic, my heart was beating rapidly, and I noticed that Edward, too, was breathless above me.

“Love, hearing you moan for me is…beyond words…but shh,” he repeated. My efforts to remain silent were seemingly failing.  His fingers were once again at my lips, urging me to be silent.  I drew his middle finger into my mouth, I knew that I had agreed not to, but it was the only way I could keep quiet, by having something to focus on.  I heard Edward’s low growl but he didn’t move his hand.  In fact, his other hand descended down my chest his finger briefly circling my navel before heading lower.

This story is perfect for those days you’re feeling nostalgic and miss the characters you fell in love with, but want  more… More Edward&Bella interaction… More development in regards to their relationship… More Intimacy… just more 🙂

Okey Dokey… wanna read it? Visit Twilighted and leave Rhian some love:


2 thoughts on “Practice Makes Perfect by Rhian0000 is on Twilighted

  1. Oh dearest, as usual you undo me with your kindness. The banner is simply beautiful and I haven’t the words to say how grateful I am for what you’ve said about my humble little excursion in citrus city.


    • *Blushes* I’m glad you liked it… I couldn’t let the occasion go uncelebrated, and even though we are both tired and sleepy all the time lately, we should always find the time to celebrate the good things… I’m completely honest bb when I say i really think you have a gift for writing 🙂

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