I finally figured it out!

lol… so I was catching up on all the things I missed thanks to Graduation Day 2010 when I remembered the @fandompplawards winners should have been announced by now. I was like: Hey a few of my faves were nominated I should check who won so I can congratulate them…

Um… imagine my surprise and confusion when I saw my name in a couple of pages… I was pretty sure I wasn’t nominated to not one thing, but hey my name was there so it must mean something right?

So I read this page: Breakdown of Results by Category and after like two thorough reads I finally understood. *I blame the Red Wine from last night for my slowness and I’m sticking to that story*

Anywho, apparently I was nominated. Just not enough times to make it to voting. But since I’m all about quality not quantity, I just wanted to give a big squishy hug to whoever took the time to nominate me ( I have a slight suspicion of who it was)

I got these pretty Shout-Out buttons 🙂


*Coughs*I better get on that... lol... I'm so behind thanks to Graduation Day

*sniffles* This one almost made me cry... Thank you ♥

Um... yeah I wasn't expecting this one, since I only make Manips in rare occasions, but thanks to the person who nominated me

And last but not least, I actually got a couple of honorable mentions (meaning more than one person nominated me) 😀

*Hugs Banner*


*Kisses Banner*

So, Thank you to the people who nominated me, and Congratulations to all the winners, which you can see here→


2 thoughts on “I finally figured it out!

  1. Well, I too thought it was such a great idea (and quite a helluva job, I’m sure!!) to name everyone in fandom who was loved by someone in fandom and got nom’d. Because that was the whole idea of the fandom ppl awards. So yay for shoutouts, and congrats to you. And yeah… *whispers* I nom’d you, cuz… ***WHISPERS*** …you deserved it… *STAGE WHISPERSSSSSS*… mkay?

    • I thought so too… I’ve been judge in one O/S contest, and I also will be in another one… and I always wish I could give an award to every single O/S… I know how hard it is to write a story that makes sense in so very little few words so I wish I could award every person who enters…
      I was so happy to see that even though a lot of the people who I nominated didn’t win, they got shout-outs an honorable mentions just the same…

      Thank you for nominating me, and Congrats on your win on the Visual Innovation Award and all your All Stars wins… You deserved all of them… I think you’re one of the few artists which style is so distinctive I could pinpoint your art in any Fandom Forum/Blog 🙂

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