Time of Dying by KitsuShel

Howdy! I made this on Monday. I wasn’t going to post it on my Blog because I made it as a gift to the author, but something happened to me last night that made me realize I need a unified record of all my Banners/Blinkies/Manips. Apparently, plagiarizing stories is not cool enough anymore, now people are plagiarizing Banners and Blinkies, and even manips.  So I might have to start watermarking stuff, or signing it, even though I don’t like that. *sighs*

Anywho, I made this as a gift for KitsuShel. I was a judge on the ‘All Hallows Eve’ Contest and I had the opportunity to read this without knowing who the author was. I found her idea very interesting, and sort of scary.

I really recommend you to read this O/S, but you know what, do it with the lights on… 🙂 ToD James is kind of really scary/creepy.

To read go to this link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6403566/1/Time_of_Dying


2 thoughts on “Time of Dying by KitsuShel

  1. Jeebus that does look scary 0.0 What has that contest done to you former Wusperv-exraordinaire??

    You’ve definitely set the tone with this one, looks very slasher *shudders*. I recognise the name of the author, we recently made friends on Twitter as we share the same birthday – how cool.


    • lol… I’m a wussperv I swear I am… You have no idea of the things I read for that contest… but I don’t regret it… it was an eye-opening experience.. but you can be sure that I’m still a wussperv…Thank you ♥ as always you’re much too kind with me 🙂

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