Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 3


How are you?

I’ve come bearing gifts… in the form of two very sweet, very Romantic, very wussperv friendly O/Ss…

I was FicDiving the other day and stumbled upon the Age Of Edward Community from last year’s contest…

I was a lonely Fanfic Diver last year so I had no clue there were even contests, so for me this was new 🙂

Among the many jewels in that community, I found one in particular that made me squeal in delight… so sweet and lovely I was not surprised to learn it was the winner of last year’s edition…

A Kiss to Remember by wishimight

This O/S is just amazing. Not only is it sweet, very well written for the time period in which it’s set (Regency Era) but it has a plot twist that will definitely be a surprise for most.

This story will have you sighing and wishing things like these could happen in real life *sighs*

Of course I had to check wishimight other work, and that’s how I found O/S number two.

Dream With Me by wishimight

This story is sort of magical. There’s no other way to describe the events in it, but to chalk them up to fate, destiny finally coming to fruition. It’s Sweet, romantic, and fluffy. You’ll just love the way it ends.

So if you have some time to kill I recommend you to give these two O/Ss a shot. You’ll love them I’m sure …



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