I only like the first manip of this group, but I made this for the ‘My Manip and I‘ day at TwiFicPics so I thought I might as well post them in my blog as well…

ImageBam image upload


Click on the thumbnails for a larger view 🙂

In case you’re wondering why I watermark my manips now, is not an ego thing, I’m self-aware enough to know I’m not the best Manip-Maker out there… is a pissed off thing… let’s just say Plagiarizing Manips is the new hot thing in the fandom and leave it at that okay?

But if you like any of the manips I make (in which case I have to ask you to pay a visit to the ophthalmologist most urgently) just contact me and I’ll give you the un-watermarked ones… I have no problems with people using my work, I just have problems with people claiming it as his/her own… They are crappy but I made them… *glares at plagiarizers out there*


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