Vamp-Look GIMP Tutorial

This is a Tutorial to make E look Vamp-like on GIMP, you can do the same thing in Photoshop, and also on any other picture/character using the same technique.

Choose a pic to turn into a Vamp. I chose E

Look at this handy GIMP Tutorial MSAmbrosia made to change hair coloring, and change E’s eyes to golden/red (depending of what kind of vamp he is) and any other part of his features you want. Click here

For instance, I changed his eyes to red, and his lips I made a lighter pinkish color. My Edward is a bad vamp this time.

Now E needs to be more pale, I create a new layer (which I’ll use to paint his face white as MsAmbrosia’s technique shows)  and combine with playing with colors/levels to make E paler, but that it’s a bit tricky.


You have to select all of Edward’s skin (minus, eyes, mouth, eyebrows, just like in the example image above) pretty carefully before you can play with the levels. (Colors/Levels)

I used the lasso tool, to select like this, and patience, lots of it…

So first I selected all of Edward’s skin, played with the levels a bit, and made him paler, but he wasn’t pale enough so I combined this with MsAmbrosia’s tecnique, and voila…
Edward is vamp-pale.

Changing skin color is not fun though, so if you can, try to find a picture where he looks pale enough you don’t have to change much…

Okay now we finished putting make-up on our character, what next?

I’ve come to realize that textures can give an eerie look to a Banner or blinkie… find a grungy, dark texture, maybe one with scratches or something like that…

You may need to add a layer mask to your texture layers to get rid of what you don’t need. I set those two layers to overlay mode, and deleted anything that was over Edward’s face using layer masks.

Now that I’ve deleted the extra texture I’m going to make Edward’s skin more perfect-looking so I flatten my image & select his skin again (minus, eyes, mouth, nose, eyebrows, just like in the example image bellow)

Then go to Filter, enhance, despeckle.

After that I want to make it a bit freakier looking so I duplicate my layer. With the top layer selected, I go to filter, Artistic, Clothify.

Then I set that layer’s mode to Color:

Isn’t he freaky-looking?

To save I flatten my image, and save in the format I wish, I’ll save this as .png by going to File, Save as.

There are lots of ways to make this happen, but I thought I would share this way and maybe you’d feel encouraged to experiment and come up with new more cool ways…


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