Sometimes by @Pingvingirl

Sometimes, things don’t happen the way they should.

Have you ever been in a place in your life where you had no clue if you were making the right decision? A place in which you don’t know if it’s easier to just go with the flow instead of against it? A place where inertia is the moving force of your destiny?

It’s a confusing and sad place to be. Most of us found ourselves in that place at least once, and the way we overcome the hurdles that present themselves in our path usually helps shape our fate and our characters.

Some of us grow stronger after this… some of us completely screw up and basically fuck up so badly you might as well burn your life down and start all over again… lol… no seriously… ūüėÄ

Anywho, where I’m going with this is that the Bella in Sometimes is precisely in that stage in her life. She’s just back from an internship in New York. She’s jaded and her thoughts in chapter one could be described as apathetic.

Sometimes, Chapter 1

Sometimes things don’t happen the way they should. And sometimes the things you’d swear are meant to be don’t happen at all.

Bella Swan could almost hear her mother’s voice as she sank into the big orange chair whose design bore her last name. She sighed in relief as she started to relax. Arne Jacobsen had known what he was doing when he designed it. But her sigh wasn’t loud enough to drown out Renee’s voice in her head.

You have to remember that what’s for you will never go past you.”

The line might have been trite, but it summed up Renee’s philosophy perfectly.

Bella disagreed. These days she felt as though everything that should be meant for her was hanging out of reach and there was nothing she could do to stop it drifting further away.

The future she envisioned for herself, especially in the¬†professional aspects, is not coming together as fast as she wishes… But she isn’t exactly doing anything to change it.

Enters Edward… a photographer who is just out of a relationship (if we can call THAT a relationship). They meet at a bar before they arrive to Forks, and they bond over their shared friends and stories from back home.

Thing is: neither really wants to go home.

Sometimes, Chapter 1

“Why not just go to Forks? I mean, if you’re going tomorrow anyway.”

“Well, then I’d have to explain what I was doing there a day earlier than planned. We’re big on sticking to the plan in my family- and there’s no way Alice would let me get away without the full story. Strangely enough, it’s not one I plan on telling over our Christmas dinner.”


“Anyway, you’ve been away for a while, right?”

Bella nodded.

“And yet you didn’t want to go straight to Forks either? Why’s that?”

“That- that would be none of your business.”

She was flustered, snapping at what might have been a perfectly reasonable question- maybe one that a stranger shouldn’t ask, but given that she’d just laughed at the fact that his ex was currently presumed ‚Äďfucking- why had she liked the way he said that?- someone who wasn’t him in his own apartment he was probably entitled to some degree of inappropriate curiosity in return.

“Fair enough.” He didn’t sound offended, though his eyebrows had shot up at her response. “So, do you have plans later- you don’t have to tell me what they are,” he added hastily. “I just wondered if- well, if you’d have dinner with me? If you’re on your own I mean.”

She opened her mouth to say no. The point of this day was that she’d get some time just to herself, after her life belonging to her employers and before it became her family’s and friends’ again for the holidays. But the green eyes with the firelight reflected in them stopped her.¬†Just for herself. Today was just for herself.

Bella is coming home to the things she finds comfortable. A boyfriend she doesn’t love but with whom she has been with for so long is almost¬†unconceivable¬†for her to break things¬†up. Friends she’s known forever. Places she’s known since she was a kid.

Edward is coming home to a loving family, but a bit meddling. He has had a failure in¬†the¬†relationship department and he’s not looking forward to the many ‘I told you so‘ that await him back home.

In short, they are both unhappy, disillusioned, etc… etc… (Do you feel like slapping them yet? :D)

But here comes the fun part: Once they meet they start feeling drawn to each other, and this comes with a new set of complications they weren’t ready for…

Gotta love when someone who loves monotony – or at least thrives in it – is put in a situation over which they have no control over… It’s almost a psychological experiment of sorts… I love seeing how they react to unexpected feelings, events, etc… I love seeing them playing it by ear when all they’ve done before is play it safe…

Makes things interesting… *evil smile*

Anywho, before my Diet Coke-induced¬†caffeine¬†high wears off… I leave you the link to Sometimes by¬†Pingvingirl


Because this story having 30/40ish reviews is a travesty that needs to be mended asap…

Please give it a chance and leave Pingvingirl some review ♥



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