Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 4

Um… yeah I know this fic is quite popular and has almost 800 reviews so it’s not like you never heard of it… I’ve been witness of how much this Fic has been pimped by RoseArcadia over the last few months… But I’ve just seen the light so bear with me, okay? 😀

Initially, I wasn’t going to read this story because it was labeled angst, and as you know I rarely, if at all, read angst.  But I’ve been daring lately (just read The Lovely Bones after watching the movie, what a sad story) venturing into more angsty territories one step at a time. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail miserably and end up eating ice cream and watching the Notebook – again. 😦

This time I succeeded though 🙂

This story already has an amazing Banner (click here to see it, I don’t know who made it though :() and a let’s-all-stare-in-awe-and-stop-what-we’re-doing blinkie by RoseArcadia (click here to see that one) but I still wanted to make some fanart for this occasion.(See Banner at top↑)

Okay, now that we cleared up that one let’s return to what the story is about. All That Jazz starts with two sisters, Alice (17/18) and Bella (16). They are left orphaned when their mother, Renee, dies during the Spanish Influenza epidemic.

Bella is quiet, and shy. Alice is extroverted and daring. However, their friendship is remarkable in spite of their completely different personalities.

After a year spent under the ward of the state, they move to Chicago to live with their Aunt Esme, and Uncle Carlisle.

Bella worries about her future because now that her mother is dead she has no one to find her a match. Yes, she has those crazy early-19th -century beliefs that marriage and popping out kids is a brilliant and desirable future. *gags*

Alice wants more of life, and can’t wait to move to Chicago and see what the future holds for her now that many more doors are opened for them both.

When they arrive Bella feels intimidated by the size of the train station, the crowds, and the overwhelming fear for the unknown. Alice thrives and walks around the train station as if she owned the place.

There was a bustle of activity on the platform, people scurrying around carrying bags and other boxes. The open concrete shed amplified the sounds of men shouting orders at each other. The noise was deafening, making me want to cover my ears. Porters were pushing large carts carrying luggage as well as ushering important passengers through the crowd. With the last observation, I noticed a change in my sister. I watched as she took note of the well-to-do passengers walking behind the porters, shoulders held back and surveying the crowds. She immediately took on their air, smiling at the scene in front of her. This was her stage and she was ready for her entrance.

She shone as she stepped off the train; people stopped and stared at her as she walked by and it just made her smile and stand straighter. She breezed through the crowd and I gawked after her, forgetting to walk with her.

Quite different reactions, but in the end when the porter leaves them alone to fend for themselves and look for the relatives they don’t know, they both share the same question: what now?

“Alright, Misses,” the porter called over his shoulder, pointing and gesticulating with his arms as he showed us where to find things. “Your family should be waiting for you here. Your bags will come in over there. The taxis line up outside that door over there. And you can find a bit to eat there and there. Anything else? Have a good night.”

With those words, he was gone. Alice and I called after him, begging him to help us find the family we had never seen before. Alice turned to me as he disappeared into the sea of humanity, her cool clearly cracking.

Their lives will be quite the adventure from that moment on. They’ll be forced to grow up faster, and in the case of Bella, to redefine the view she has of life and what’s proper and not.

This story is set in the 1920’s (I bet you inferred that already from the flapper dress Bella is wearing on my Banner :)) and I’m a sucker for historical Romance. Javamomma0921 does a great job at making me feel like I own a time machine and I’m in Chicago during the early days of jazz.

So if you wanna give time traveling a shot, read this story and leave Javamomma0921 some review ♥




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