The Only Hope For Me is You by kisbydog

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Summary: Entry for the Scene Stealers contest.  After James phones Bella and tells her that he has her mother, she tells Alice about the call.  They pick up Edward as planned, and he takes her away to a remote cabin…

This O/S by @kisbydog was an entry to The Scene Stealers Contest hosted by:  SydneyAliceKatmomSnarkerellaLJ Summer and U2shay.

So, it’s a ‘What if‘ O/S. What if Bella wasn’t stupid… er… I mean selfless 😀 and discussed James’ phone call with Alice in the first book? What if she went away with Edward – as they planned originally – and let the Cullens handle James?

Wanna find out what an interesting turn of events kisbydog has in store for you? Read this story on Twilighted and

Don’t forget to leave kisbydog some Review ♥… She’s new to this writing malarkey and would really appreciate your thoughts 🙂


PS. That manip I used of Edward & Bella in bed was not made by me. It was made by the amazing Nawelh… She’s truly my manip heroine 🙂 Check her blog: it’s full of pretteh!


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