Giofógach by ltlerthqak


Summary: I didn’t know anything was missing from my life until I met him at the carnival. Were my gypsy lifestyle and unbelievable gift too much for him to accept? And was there something bigger we should have been watching for? AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Mystery –  Edward & Bella


What can I really say about this story that someone hasn’t already said? Not much to be honest… but I’ll give it my best try 🙂

Giofógach by ltlerthqak is one of those stories that wrap romance, mystery and fantasy into one tightly bound ribbon of addicting plot→(did that make sense? :D)

This story is sweet, romantic and uplifting but it’s not short in drama and suspense.

Edward is an lonely young man in the beginning of the story. He has survived an accident that forced him to grow up much too fast. He’s resentful of the people who hurt him and abandoned him when he needed them the most. The only family he has left – that counts to him – are his aunt, uncle and cousin (the Brandons)

After finishing a degree in Music Theory and Composition in Northwestern University he feels it’s time to travel with his family. A chance he never allowed himself before.

In the carnival where Edward’s family works, and with which he will be traveling, he meets Bella.

Bella is a happy girl. She’s content with her life. She owns her own game in the carnival, is independent  and loves her family, which consists of a loving mother and stepfather.

She has a secret though. She possesses a gift, a special gift that may end up creating a rift between Edward and her. Or not?

I highly recommend you giving this story a shot. You will love it. I’m sure. 🙂

So now I leave you with some bling I made for it. Feel free to snag them for your forum signatures and help spread the word about this story.


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Code for forums:


Code for forums:



10 thoughts on “Giofógach by ltlerthqak

  1. So good! I love the blinkie and banner! I am just about ready to start this fic so you have inspired me to start it sooner!

  2. I have been reading Giofogach and your banner and blinkie are a wonderful representation of the story. I’m a few chapters behind but your post has inspired me to go catch up on my reading. The picture of Bella with the ribbon around her arm is stunning.

    You did a great job on the post.


  3. Wonderful post and wonderful blinkie. I’m so glad that the author liked them. I especially like the graphics in the blinkie, very atmospheric.


    • Aw… thank you bb… making a blinkie to match the Banner is harder than it looks… it means a lot to me that you liked it 😀


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