Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 5

Okay, this time I’m taking the backseat for this ride. All I did was making the Banner (following @tg10781‘s instructions may I add) and I let her do all the hard work.

I think I like this better… I already told her she’s hired 😀

Anyways, without further ado,


Summary: One bored night, Bella goes online and stumbles across an American’s soldier’s profile. On a whim she decides to write Sergeant Masen a letter. She never thought she would get a response back from Iraq, much less fall in love with a man in combat boots.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Suspense –  Bella & Edward


Early this afternoon I pulled on my big girl panties and went fic diving. If you’ve never braved these unchartered waters let me warn you, it can be a very scary place. It’s not often that I find something that I end up reading past the first paragraph, so when I found Sincerely, Sergeant Masen I was pleasantly surprised. It’s truly a wonderful story and so engaging that I read half of the posted chapters before even stopping to review.

Bella is a young woman (that’s right Sergeant Masen, WOMAN not girl!) that is adjusting well to her life as the adopted daughter of Esme and Carlisle Cullen. A slide show in class inspires her to search for ways to help the men and women serving in Iraq. She has no delusions of grandeur and isn’t out the save the world, but feels compelled to help in any way she can. Her search leads her to a site called Any Soldier, which eventually leads her to one Sergeant Masen.

His post is unlike any other. He doesn’t leave a list of things he needs or a sob story about his time in the sandbox, he simply states that his unit is holding up well given the solitude and that there are other units in much great need. Bella knows immediately upon reading his post that Sergeant Masen will be her soldier and writes him the first letter as soon as his address is delivered to her e-mail.

My favorite thing about this story is that it doesn’t fall into any typical Bella category. She can’t cook, she has self-confidence, she’s witty (she prefers calling it that over sarcastic) she doesn’t trip over everything in sight, and she ever plays high school sports! *gasp*

She has a wonderful relationship with her best friend Rose, who although still is a bit hard around the edges, isn’t the typical ‘Ice Queen’ (We’ll leave that roll to Bella and her tiara.)

She drives a NEW pickup truck and even has a fake boyfriend (Not Jake) to help keep the boys from bugging her to date them. She’s mature, caring, and not at all the same Bella we’ve come to know. I simply love her!

The author even strays from placing our well-loved characters into the rolls we would expect. Alice is serving in Iraq along with Edward, Emmett, and Jasper. Imagine that, Alice in olive drab green and not a mall in sight!

If you’re looking for something that’s fresh and original I highly recommend giving this story a chance. It’s currently twelve chapters in and although Bella and Edward have yet to actually meet I know it’s coming soon! Now go! Why are you still here?? GO READ NOW!! And don’t forget (like me) to leave the Author some love!



5 thoughts on “Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 5

  1. I never fic dive but I may give it a try sometime because it must be satisfying when you find a gem. The fic review was really great and I plan on checking it out. I love you describe Bella. I am interested in reading a Bella that’s out of the norm. I love the banner so much – the soldier and the mail in the background. You guys make a great team.

    • You know what…. in the beginning I didn’t know anyone in the fandom, so all I did was Ficdive… can you believe I found MotU Ficdiving when it had just a few chapters and something like 100 reviews? so you never know what gems are hidden just waiting to be found… if you’re scared though you can always count on Trish or me to ficDive when we’re bored enough 😀

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