At First Sight by Sunshinegal3 – Review by SammieLynnsMom


“I read a lot. Watch movies. I have a couple of friends that I try to keep in touch with. That’s about it.” I pause and look up at him. “What about you?”

“You know, you could just Google anything you want to know about me,” he grumbles without much emotion.

“True,” I say slowly. “I’d rather hear it from you, though.”

The first thing that stood out to me when reading, At First Sight, by Sunshinegal3, was that she built such a strong, emotional connection between her characters without the use of a lemon. This was one of the many reasons why, At First Sight, was the host’s choice for the Baby It’s Cold Outside Contest!

When we met Bella she was an organized, over achieving personal assistant who set out to New York to become something bigger than she previously was. She knew exactly what to say, where to go, how to get there, and so forth, but it slowly began to crumble when she met, newly famous, Edward Cullen.

Unlike most stories with a famous Edward, he doesn’t come off as brash, arrogant, or with a sense of entitlement. Many times he seemed caught up in the hoopla that was himself, which left him winded and confused.

The path Edward and Bella took in coming together wasn’t the typical-star-meets-PA, and I appreciated the deeper connection that they felt. For Edward and Bella, it truly was a love at first sight connection that built until it just became more. I highly recommend reading this story, it’s light, funny, and will leave you warm and fuzzy inside!

Find this story here:


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