Heading North by Shahula – Review by SammieLynnsMom



Heading North, by Shahula, was one of my favorite stories written for the Baby It’s Cold Outside One-Shot Contest. The story stayed with me long after I put it down because of the mysterious and engaging characters the author put on paper.

Have you ever taken a road trip that wasn’t thought out well enough, or just had an eerie feeling of being unprepared? Well, Bella definitely did!

In, Heading North, Bella ends up stranded, in middle of nowhere-Alaska, in a truck that dies mid-trip during a blizzard. What immediately drew me in was the Bella’s snarky attitude. Even though there was no vocal dialogue surrounding Bella’s drive through Alaska, the inner monologue had me rolling.

“What in the hell am I doing here? In the middle of winter, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a freaking snowstorm?

I am currently sitting in my car, which is crawling along at a whopping ten miles an hour, down a very dark, very cold, very icy wet road that probably hasn’t seen any other traffic since sometime last week, judging by the amount of other vehicles I have crossed paths with, which is a zero. Yet here I am attempting to make my way through not sheets, not blankets but a fucking blizzard of snow.

Clearly, driving up here for a holiday break was not my best idea.”

Once Betty, Bella’s truck, is laid to rest, she was forced to jump into self preservation mode. Unlike canon Bella, who doesn’t have a clue what that meant, I appreciated Shahula giving her Bella the minds, and some means, to help herself get out alive.

When we met Edward, he was a bearded and mysterious cabin dweller that had self-exiled himself from modern day society. Edward was immediately taken with Bella, but he was also confused and guarded. In his mind, he wasn’t a safe choice for Bella, so his plan was to ride out the storm until she could travel the rest of the distance to her friend’s house. However, the best laid plans aren’t always the ones that work out the best.

Check out, Heading North, by Shahula to find out what happens when Bella tries her hand at breaking down Edward’s cold exterior. Is he able to open up? And why did he exile himself away from his the world?

Find this story here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6564928/1/Heading_North



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