This is Love by Tenley Einde – Review by Agrutle



Summary: “Bella, the lights are only part of your present. See over there? Look down. In the snow.” Their story, told through footprints in the snow. Joy, laughter and a love that transcends all obstacles.

While reading this one shot, I was treated to watching the love that Edward and Bella feel for each other grow from childhood to adulthood.  This story is so beautifully written and it shows so much emotion as we see different instances in their lives.  From seeing the ten year olds playing in the snow to the teens talking over a fight and finally to the adults leading their lives.

I don’t think that I have ever read a one shot that has evoked so much emotion in me. The love and life they have, pours out of the story through the screen and makes you feel it all.

“Bella, the lights are only part of your present,” His voice is shaky as he points at something in the distance, “See over there? Look down. In the snow.

He holds his breath.

Her eyes squint as she finds the patch of ground he is pointing to. Footprints litter the snow. She is about to ask “What?” before she looks more closely.

There, hidden in the snow, are footprints. Footprints in a pattern. A pattern? No. They’re words.

“Will…you…,” she reads, her voice shaking.

“…marry me?” he asks in a hoarse whisper that tickles her ear.

Before she can turn to face him, she feels it. Her mitten is pulled off and a cold metal ring is placed on her finger.

That finger

I’m sure that reading this story will show you how deep and strong love can truly be no matter what goes on in life. This story was pure and heartwarming. It won first place in both the judges’ pick and the public vote in the Baby It’s Cold Outside contest. It seems that it touched everyone in a special place.

Words and laughter and smiles are exchanged among the family as all four walk to the car with rosy cheeks.

He looks back.

“Look in the snow. We left footprints. Four of them. Two big and two small,” he says excitedly.

His simple observation means so much and tears of joy flood her face as the four of them embrace one another.

This, she thinks.

This is love.

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