The Jukebox One-Shot anonymous Contest!


So… Um… I obviously have a problem. Is there a 12 steps program for people addicted to hosting/judging contests? No? Well, there should be. 😀

Anyways, I have a new contest for you. This time I’m not judging, I’m co-hosting&being secret keeper with @tg10781. Let’s see how different the experience is from this side of things.

But What’s is The Jukebox about?

Quoted from Contest Fanfiction Profile:

The Jukebox anonymous one-shot contest. Like rocking out to Bloodhound Gang, or swaying with your lighter held high in the air while listening to REO Speedwagon? Always thought Fever would make an awesome one-shot? Well we’ve got the contest for you!

Hosted by Ange de l’aube and tg10781

tg10781 and Ange de l’aube are the secret keepers/validators/score keepers.

Judges: Tkegl, GothicTemptress, Cullen Sistah, and Breath-of-Twilight.

Click HERE to see the list of songs that our jukebox contains. Click HERE to see the Youtube Playlist we set up for this Contest. Authors are to select a song and write a O/S inspired by it. Once you select a song email us immediately at to have the song set apart for you. Once you have selected a song, and receive the confirmation that is available for your use, you may not change your selection. So choose wisely.

* More Songs may be added periodically to the list if the selection dwindles too much.

*Unavailable songs will be highlighted on the spread-sheet. The list will be updated as soon as humanly possible each time a new song is made unavailable.

Once you receive your confirmation bust out the good Robporn, pour yourself a glass of something that sparkles and get to work writing your o/s.

Entries will be accepted from January 29 – March 5.

What are the Rules of The Jukebox?

This contest is anonymous and must remain that way! You may promote the contest and say that you entered, but if you reveal which story is yours you will be immediately disqualified.

Entries can be canon, or non-canon. AH, AU and any POV is welcome. No Slash please, we have decided to forego this option this time around because we feel there are plenty of slash contest at the moment to satisfy your interest in the genre.

No rape, incest, bestiality, or pedophilia.

Minimum of 2500 words, Maximum of 15,000 words. Not including your title, submission heading, or lyrics from your selected song.

Collabs are welcome.

Only two submissions per author/collab.

*NEW o/s only. You cannot post or extend your entry until the contest is over and winners have been announced.

All ratings are welcome. There doesn’t have to be smut, but it’s greatly appreciated.

Must be 18+ to enter

PLEASE use a Beta. All entries will be validated. If there is an overabundance of grammar and spelling mistakes, or it breaks any of the above rules, the entry will be sent back to the author. If you cannot find a Beta I recommend contacting ProjectTeamBeta.

*All entries MUST remain anonymous! If you reveal which entry is yours you will be immediately disqualified. WE WILL FIND OUT!* I have spies everywhere!!! Rules are subject to change.

Submission Heading:

The Jukebox contest


Song choice:


Word Count:




Important Dates:

Entries will be accepted from January 29th – March 5th.

Public voting will be from March 8th – March 16th.

Winners will be announced March 21st.

What are the Prizes?

Winners will be decided by a combination of judges scores as well as the public vote.

First place winner will receive a banner made by Ange de l’aube and a full review that will post on the Wayward Pushers blog.

Second, Third and Hosts’ choice will receive a banner by Ange as well as a short review that will be post on the Wayward Pushers blog.

So are you going to choose a song from our Jukebox? Profile of the Contest:



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