Morning in May by @Kisbydog



Canon, but AU timeline. During their honeymoon, Bella decides that she likes sex with Edward so much, that she wants to stay human for awhile longer. There is no Nessie. After they finish college, she is killed in an accident. Fifteen years later, Edward steps into a time machine and goes back to that fateful day.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Hurt/Comfort – Chapters: 1 – Words: 3,391 –  Edward & Bella – Complete


This O/S is based on a rock opera by the band Ludo, called Broken Bride. In particular, the last song, Morning in May.

I must confess I’m a wuss. I’ll cry over anything BUT this O/S really earned its classification under the Hurt/Comfort category.

In this story we see an Edward who lost the love of his life and then spent the next 15 years building a time machine just so that he could see her again. *sniffles* if that’s not love I don’t know what love is. 😦

If you’re in the mood to read something that will make you have a good cry but with a hopeful ending you should give this One shot a try.

Don’t forget to leave its author some review ♥ 🙂


PS. Textures Credits for the textures I used in this Banner go to: and yunhe@livejournal / yunyunsarang@deviantART


2 thoughts on “Morning in May by @Kisbydog

  1. michelle (licpa) :
    It seems like it would not be possible but every banner you make gets better and better! Great job!

    Aw… Thank you bb that’s such a nice thing of you to say… 🙂 I really hope I’m improving. I would hate to get stuck on a stage of development 😦


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