The Inheritance by iambeagle (aka @megschmegg on twitter)


Summary: The plan was easy: trick Bella into dating me, convince Carlisle that I’m in a serious relationship & then I receive my trust fund. Yeah… too bad that’s not exactly how it all happened.

AH Rated M for language & lemons EPOV

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Humor  – Edward & Bella



For some reason the Edward in this story makes me think of this video:

What was I saying? Oh yeah… He’s just this kid, because even though he’s almost in his mid-twenties he acts more like a kid than a grown-up, he is a classical rebel without a cause.

He’s just rebellious because he’s had everything served to him in a silver platter and never really dealt with the lost of his parents.

In the beginning of this story, he’s doing pretty much anything to antagonize his aunt Esme and uncle Carlisle. It reaches a  point in which Carlisle sends him packing and he has to crash in the home of his responsible, almost-engaged, med-student, older brother Emmett… Yes, you read right…Emmett is all those things in this story.

Emmett tells Edward that he should grow-up and get his act together since he can’t collect his inheritance until he does.

Edward, of course, interprets this as an encouragement to try to trick his way into collecting said inheritance… 😀

His plan: get a job and a girl to convince his uncle he has left his past behind and intends to move forward with his life.

His target: Bella Swan, a waitress he meets at a bar he visits often.

Will Bella fall for his game? or will Edward get more than he bargained for?

Read this story to find out and don’t forget to leave the author some review ♥



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