Retrograded Memories by iambeagle (aka @megschmegg on twitter)


Summary: How can the past five years be completely erased from your memory? Bella survives a car wreck, but how can she survive finding out Edward is no longer hers? Language, AH

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Bella & Edward 

This story reminds me of this song I used once to make an E&B video (which I had to delete from my Youtube account because they are evil evil evil… Gr…) Go here to watch now: CLICK HERE

Anywho, that song (A love so beautiful) pretty much describes how things are between Edward and Bella in the beginning. Bella is with Jasper. Edward is with Tanya, and Alice is with James.

What a clusterfuck you say? My wussperv heart couldn’t agree more with you. Especially, because the only ones who seem genuinely happy amongst those couples I just mentioned are Alice and James.

Bella starts out visibly miserable. She gets drunk at Alice’s birthday party – and yes I know it’s okay to get drunk at a bday party, but you can just sense the emo vibes coming off B like tidal waves – and ends up getting a ride home with Edward.

Here is where things get really complicated. Edward and Bella get into a car accident and Bella ends up getting the brunt of the crash. She suffers some head injuries which result in retrograde amnesia.

For Bella is like she went to bed at 17 after going shopping with her boyfriend Edward and woke up at 22. Edward is no longer her boyfriend. She’s dating Jasper and she has no idea why. Talk about complicated.

So are you willing to find out what happened? Do you want to be Bella’s copilot in this road of self-discovery? What really happened back then? Who was Bella before the accident?

Click on the link I provided above and don’t forget to leave the author some review ♥.



2 thoughts on “Retrograded Memories by iambeagle (aka @megschmegg on twitter)

    • HeyCarrieAnn :
      You are always finding the best fics!!! I am nit sure I can do this one, but if you read and did ok I will try!!

      *clears throat* Just don’t shoot the messenger if it’s too angsty for you 🙂 LOL

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