Deceiving Fate by iambeagle ( @megschmegg )


Summary:“I stood in front of the mirror and I stared. It was something I had done since I was younger; I would stare, trying to figure myself out. This time, it was easy; I was a cheater. I had cheated on my fiance.” Rated M for lemons & language.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Drama/Romance – Bella & Edward


Um… So this is definitely not something I would normally rec here just based on the summary, but I kinda ♥ iambeagle so hard I would probably rec Jacob/Bella if she wrote it.

I’m so kidding. I so would not.

So… Bella cheats. Hold down your pitchforks! The fiancé is not Edward!
Not that I condone any type of cheating but I can so get cheating “with Edward” better than “at Edward.” 😀

Bella is engaged to Riley. Edward is Bella’s friend. Bella is feeling uncertain about the engagement, albeit unconsciously. See where I’m going?

Let’s just say that if you were friends with a sweet guy, who happens to know you backwards, who happens to be perfect for you, and it’s as handsome as Robert Pattinson you would have doubts yourself.

*clears throat*
Are you back with me? 😀
Moving on.

You can easily see from Bella’s interactions with Riley that she’s doubting the whole thing even before Edward was an issue. He’s just the catalyst for this situation.

Deceiving Fate Chapter 1

“Hey, babe?”

The voice was interrupting my non-thinking time.

“Yeah?” I called out.

“Do you know where my xbox controller is?” Riley asked.

With water beating down on my shoulders, I said, “Did you check in the basket by the TV?”

“Yeah. I looked everywhere.”

Huh. I’d really be interested in knowing what his version of everywhere was.

“I’ll be out in a second,” I said with a sigh.

Turning the water off, I grabbed my robe and stepped out into the cool air, cursing the goosebumps that covered my body. I stared at myself in the mirror.

“Babe? I still can’t find it and I really want to play a quick game before our dinner,” Riley explained, as if that made any sense to me.

Giving myself one last glance in the mirror, I avoided my eyes, and the sparkling of the diamond on my left hand.

Yeah that doesn’t sound happy bride-to-be to me…

On the other hand Edward and Bella’s interactions are effortless:

Deceiving Fate Chapter 1

“Come with me for a smoke.” It wasn’t a question and besides, he knew he didn’t have to ask. I’d always come.

My head barely nodded and we walked past the back room where my engagement party was, towards the front of the restaurant. The frigid winter air caused my body to goose bump as I realized I left my jacket inside. Edward, always the gentleman, removed his suit jacket and held it out to me.

“Oh, come on, Pocket,” he spoke, cigarette dangling from his mouth. “Just take it.”

Reaching for the jacket, I said okay and tried to ignore the nostalgic feeling that washed over me from hearing his nickname for me. I hadn’t heard that in a while.

“I’m twenty-six. Don’t you think that nickname is a little juvenile?”

“Nope. You will forever be known as Pocket.” Edward laughed before lighting his cigarette. “It’s fucking cold, but at least it’s not raining.”

“Or snowing,” I pointed out, watching my breath form in front of my mouth. Edward handed his cigarette to me, and with a shaky hand, I reached out for it. “Thanks.” Inhaling once, I gave it back and watched his eyes linger on my ring. A whistle escaped his lips, and I watched in awe as he wrapped them around the filter of the cigarette.

He inhaled and said, “So, is Riley good to you?” Then exhaled. I always found it interesting how he could speak while his lungs were filled with smoke. “Bella?” He laughed when I didn’t respond.

“Oh, yeah. Riley is great. He’s… I don’t know, I probably don’t deserve how great he is to me.” I nodded a little too much, a reaction from shivering.

“I doubt that.”

“Doubt what?”

He lowered his eyes. “That you aren’t deserving.”

What are you still doing here? Don’t you want to know how Bella digs herself out the hole in which she’s in?

Chapters are short and it has 21 of them so far. Give it a chance, you have a lot less to lose than this Bella has.

Don’t forget to leave iambeagle some review ♥ while you’re at it.



4 thoughts on “Deceiving Fate by iambeagle ( @megschmegg )

  1. HeyCarrieAnn :
    Thank you for recommending this fic! Loving it and she and I have tweeted!!!

    Isn’t she lovely and hilarious? lol I’m glad you’re loving it bb… it truly is a great read …

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