La Dolce Vita by @MissBaby25

Wooo Hoo! Miss Baby posted another story and she let me make her the graphics for it… I ♥ this woman so hard 🙂

Anyways, as you know Miss Baby is one amazing writer (and person may I add) so this story promises to be incredible.


Summary: When a new opportunity forces Bella to leave her safe bubble and venture into the unknown, she soon finds out that to get on the road to happiness, you sometimes have to take a leap of Faith. AU, AH, Canon Pairings.

Miss Baby promises a light romance – with drama – but lighter in comparison of her latest complete work: Absolution.

I can tell you that I already like this Bella… She’s in her early 30’s and has been through a lot of changes in her life. A broken marriage, moving away from her hometown to the great metropolis that’s New York, these are just a few of the things she’s been through. And now a major opportunity for change presents itself in the form of a job offer that will take her around the world:

La Dolce Vita – Chapter 1

Jane chuckled. “Don’t you want to know what that offer is?”

“Errrr….Yes?” I squeaked, cursing my sudden inability to speak more than two words together in a sentence.

“Upstairs,” she nudged her head upwards to indicate she was talking about the Volturi Publishing Group bigwigs, the ones who own this magazine and a whole lot more, “wants us to add a regular travel section to the magazine. According to them it would add to the ‘versatility of this publication’.”

She snorted, her lips pursing together to make clear what she thought of their interference in the way her magazine was run. “I’m willing to give it a go as long as the new travel section fits in with the rest of the magazine. Which is where you come in.”

My brows furrowed in confusion. “But….I’m not…..”

“I overheard you talking to Riley earlier when the two of you were discussing your trip to Hawaii.” She sat back, her eyes shining with….something as she studied me. “I think you’ll be perfect for the job.”

If my life had been published in cartoon shape, this would be the moment where a huge hole in the floor would swallow me whole or where my body would explode in a fit of panic. “W-what?” I stammered, thinking I must have misheard. “But I’m no good at that! I’ve never even travelled further than Hawaii!”

“Which is exactly why I want you to do this!” Jane insisted. “You have a fresh, unjaded view of the world, just like much of our readers will have. Besides, I know you can write…I’ve seen some of the pieces you’ve contributed. You’ll be perfect.”

She’s not bitter by any of the bad stuff that happened to her. She’s brave and willing to take risks… I admire that in a person, and more especially in “a Bella” since she tends to be characterized almost as a scared rabbit in most stories.

I had a great time making a banner and a blinkie for this story:

Code For Blogs&Tumblr:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" /></a>

Code For Forums:

Code For Blogs&Tumblr:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" /></a>

Code For Forums:

Code For Blogs&Tumblr:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="" /></a>

Code For Forums:

I wanted to make something that said “European adventure” and that was also sexy, and even had a certain magical air to it.

I also added that butterfly there because I felt it depicted the changes in Bella’s life. For me butterflies are a symbol for freedom and for change. 🙂 Oh and they’re pretty…lol

Also, I like the sea waves that are part of the images that change rapidly because they also represent change for me… and the ocean that Bella has to cross to find her fate (coughEdwardcough).

Anyhow, every image I put in it represents freedom, change, and hope. Things that I feel are pivotal for this story. 😀  I think this is one of the most fun blinkies I’ve made in a while and I hope that shows in the final result…

Feel free to grab them for your siggies, blogs or Tumblrs and help spread the word about this great story that’s just starting out…

To read visit this link:

To talk about the story visit its Twilighted Thread:

Don’t forget to leave Miss Baby some review ♥ 😀



4 thoughts on “La Dolce Vita by @MissBaby25

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet words, bb! I’m glad you’re liking this story’s Bella so far. She’s very close to my heart.
    The banner and blinkie both look so amazing! I’m still in awe of how you managed to capture the spirit of the story so well! You’ve gotten so good at this!

    Love ya!

    • *smooch* I really like this Bella… I think I only ever hated one of your Bellas and you know why that was… lol she just went a little crazy and traumatized me so much till this day I can’t hear any songs from Madam Butterfly… lol

      Thank you so much bb… I was just looking at your signature on the Twilighted thread for this story and it’s like a timeline of my progress …lol it was kinda interesting to watch 🙂

      As always thanks for the trust… now go write… 😀 shoo!

  2. I love, love, love this banner and blinkie. I really think that it is your best work to date. The style is right up my street with the colour theme and the dreamy quality that it has. Really good use of layer masks – it looks really clean and professional.

    And the blinkie? Trailer-maker right here -> *points at Ange*

    I need to write something, just so I can request some of your handiwork!


    • aw bb… you always make me smile like a crazy person with your comments 🙂
      Thank you so much… I don’t get to make blinkies often and let alone sets (blinkie with banner) so I love it when people reach me to make them… and for you bb anything… you know I’m your #1 fangirl 😀

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