*Adopted Banner* Cupid’s Arrow by @Le_Crepuscule


Le Crepuscule adopted this banner, plot-bunny and all! Woo Hoo! She told me she intends to donate it to a charity so I’ll be anxiously waiting for when she gets around writing this to donate. 😀

I wanna read Cupid-ella!

This is the plot that I thought could go well with this banner when I put it up for adoption:

So I was thinking about a plot-bunny for this one. What about Bella as a cupid who descends to Earth to help Edward find love after a huge disappointment that makes him swear off it? Why Bella as the Cupid? I don’t know maybe because I’ve read my fair share of angelic Edward’s lol… Anywho it’s up to you.

I can’t wait to read what Le Crepuscule has in store for this.


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