*Sigh* and you thought we didn’t speak to each other

So, apparently people think each banner maker is an isolated little island in the middle of a huge fandom ocean and we don’t talk to each other. Guess what? We do!

Therefore, it has come to our attention that more and more people seem to be asking the same banner/icon/graphic to different banner makers at the same time.

I’ve been saying for a while now that I’m not okay with this practice. That I think it’s wasting the designer’s time and that since this thing is for free, we are under absolutely no obligation to make you a banner/blinkie/icon if you already have one.

Sure you can ask.

I know many banner makers who are perfectly okay with this and will make you your umpteenth banner. But I’m not okay with it unless is fan art – which is not requested. So if you feel the need to have more than one banner/blinkie/icon for your story please DO MAKE SURE the banner maker in charge of this graphic is okay with being one of many. We do talk to each other and we aren’t that many, so if you lie to us we will find out.

Please don’t lie. Please don’t take the fun out of this activity for us. I’ve seen one too many amazing banner makers quit because of this reason and I don’t want to see any more of them leave. If you need so many banners talk to us, be honest and explain why you need them. We’re all adults here and there’s no need for all this sneakiness and lying.

Okay I needed to get that off my chest.

From now on I’ll put a list of “Stuff I’m working on” on my sidebar, so any banner-maker who wants to check can know what I’m making. I’m not the only one who will be adding that list on her blog, so do have that in mind when you place your next request. We are done wasting our time.

Every time you lie to a banner maker you make a bunny cry 😦


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