*NEW BANNER* Words Like Art by @ltlerthqak

I’ve been itching to post this banner…but I wanted to give ltlerthqak a chance to actually post the story first 😀

Words Like Art

Summary: Every open door offers the chance of a great story. Ours started with a slip of pink paper…

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7060917/1/

I have a thing for simple, real love stories. I get why some stories are dramatic and full of twists and turns, and I love those too. However, there are times in which I just want a nice love story. Something that will leave me with a smile and not wishing I had lithium in my house. 🙂

If you’re like me and enjoy a good doses of fluff, Words Like Art by  ltlerthqak is just what you need.

First of all… Edward is not the power-crazy CEO we’re almost used to by now. Nope, he’s one of us. Like my sister would say “one more of the proletariat” – she’s a philosophy major…lol

He has a job, and it’s not even a “cool” job. It’s one of those jobs people usually take for granted. One of those jobs in which you can truly become part of the wallpaper after a while. You can become invisible. He’s a doorman.

It amazed me how quickly I had grown accustomed to being invisible. People walked past me every day, looking but never seeing. To most of them, I was just the outfit – black tuxedo with tails, white shirt, red vest, top hat. I blended into the fabric of the city – one amongst many, indistinct and mundane.

To the family I worked for, I was the faceless employee that opened their door, washed their car, took out their trash, collected their mail and carried their bags. They called me when they wanted to stop unwelcomed visitors from entering, kick out boyfriends after an argument or clean up the sick when they had a little too much to drink. I was the nobody that made their plushy lives easier, quickly disappearing from their thoughts as soon as I’d completed the assigned task. Sometimes sooner.

I can so relate to this Edward. And he’s also very swoon-worthy. Trust me on this one.

This story is already complete, and  ltlerthqak intends to update weekly until all chapters are posted. So you would also have that certainty that you won’t be left hanging just when things are getting good. So what are you waiting for? Jump on this train and enjoy this ride through Chicago’s most beautiful sights while you share on Edward and Bella’s uber-sweet love story.

Go…go…shoo… and don’t forget to review!


6 thoughts on “*NEW BANNER* Words Like Art by @ltlerthqak

  1. Oh, I really like this banner. Such cool use of lighting and I like the simplicity of the colours that you’ve chosen – very effective.


    • Thank you so much bb…. I was playing with the colors on this one… the original I made had much darker colors but I decided to lighten it up after I read the story and I realized it was fluffy… so glad you liked it 🙂

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