Thank you @MadamOfMuses @OrringtonRose @m81170 and @TwiFicPics <3

I wanted to stop by and say thank you to @MadamOfMuses @OrringtonRose @m81170 and @TwiFicPics for organizing, hosting and judging the TwiFic Graphic Awards.

They did an awesome job and I truly appreciate all their hard work to make these awards happen so that we could all show our love for the amazing artists in this fandom.

I am truly humbled and amazed by the talent in this fandom, and I am flattered to be recognized amongst so many skilled designers.

Thank you to the judges and to all the people who took the time to vote – not only for me but for all the artists in the Twi Fandom – and to the amazing writers who inspired these graphics. You guys rock!

To view the rest of these amazing winners please visit the awards’ site:

Much Love and gratitude,


6 thoughts on “Thank you @MadamOfMuses @OrringtonRose @m81170 and @TwiFicPics <3

  1. I’m awed by all the talented gals who create such beautiful banners and blinkies. You are also so generous to do this in your free time. I’m glad you were recognized.

    • You are just the sweetest…believe me I am in awe myself at how many amazing artists and talented people this fandom has… makes me want to be a little bit better everyday 🙂

  2. OMG, did we both just make the same kind of post! LOL, but you beat me, cause my email alert for this site came a while ago! Hey, great minds think alike, or in this case, the urge for fandom artist to thank everyone is too overwhelming!

    Oh girl, I’m so damn proud of you! You are my favorite blinkie maker in the fandom & your banners are to die for! Congrats Baby!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 Rose

    P.S. My phone just alerted me that you left me a comment…damnit, you won again!!!! This is too funny! Oh well, congrats again 😉

    • LOL… I swear I didn’t expect to laugh this hard… I was thinking just the same when I saw your post… I swear I thought our minds connected… 🙂

      Thank you bb… You know how much I appreciate the bits of advise you gave me when I was starting out… I learned from the best…

      Congrats on your wins… Your graphics always amaze me and you have made me read stories my wussperv ass would never have dared to read if not for the awesomeness of your art…

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