Please consider signing up and donating to @Fandom4Preemies

Hiya! I would like to dedicate my 100th post on this blog to this very worthy cause: Fandom for Preemies.

blinkie by RoseArcadia

This cause is very dear to my heart since I’ve had a few family members who were preemies and struggled so hard to make it. I cannot but feel compelled to collaborate with this effort as much as possible.

This year I’ve signed up as a Banner-maker so if any of you are considering to donate a story and need a banner for it please feel free to contact me and let me know what you need (original fics, any pairing, any genre you are writing. I´ll make no exception)

To contact me to request a graphic for Fandom for Preemies shoot me an email via my contact page: Email me! or ping me on Twitter

I may not reply to you right away because of work but I’ll reply as soon as possible.

For all the fandom I ask you to please consider donating to this cause if possible. You’ll get a beautiful compilation in return and the satisfaction that you helped an innocent child  that someday could be your child (premature birth can affect us all at some point. You could be the next to need help)

For more info visit the Fandom for preemies blog:

Thanks for your time,


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