*NEW BLINKIE* Cutlass by @Tkegl (reviewed by amazing @ordinary_vamp)

Banner made by Tkegl

Hiya! I’m here to share my newest creation as usual 😀

I made the following blinkies basing my design on Tkegl‘s original design for her banner and using the manips she created for said banner. So basically, Tkegl already did all the hard work…lol

Anywho, I had lots of fun rewatching my Pirates of the Caribbean DVD’s to decide which scenes to use and I might have driven a couple of people nuts with my pirate talk. This is the result of my madness.

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<a href="http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7792629/1/Cutlass" target="_blank"><img  src="http://i935.photobucket.com/albums/ad192/angedelaube/TwiFic%20Blinkies/CutlassS.gif"></a>

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Also, I asked my lovely friend Vampire Extraordinaire (aka @ordinary_vamp)– who I know it’s just as big a fan of this story as I am– to do magic with her words and make this post worth your while.

Without further ado, Vampire Extraordinaire‘s review of Cutlass by Tkegl:

TKegl crafts a brilliant tale in her latest fic, Cutlass. She seamlessly weaves adventure, mystery, and, of course, romance in this fic. Well researched and well written, this story makes Tuesdays my happy day.

Cutlass follows the ship, the Black Arrow and its Captain, One-Eyed Eddie Cullen (he really does have one eye!) and the latest addition to his crew, Smith – who turns out to be a feisty Bella, intent on avenging her father’s death.

And it all starts with her father’s Cutlass

Cullen’s hot breath washed over her face, and she swallowed thickly, fighting not to allow her fear to show. He sensed it though, and reveled in it a bit.

“You did not think you could steal from me and leave me for dead, and I’d not come looking for you, did you?” he asked, his teeth bared and grinding. “Now, where is my cutlass?”

“Your cutlass?” she countered. “I believe you mean my cutlass.”

He took another step, their bodies almost touching. “Do not press me, wench,” he growled.

(Dudettes, the UST becomes so. intense.)

The plot is amazing and twisty, and TKegl keeps you on your toes. As Edward and Bella engage in their own battle of wills, the HMS Intrepid and Commodore Hunter pursue the Black Arrow, intent on bringing the pirates to justice. All the while, One-Eyed Eddie is after the nefarious Aro the Merciless, seeking revenge for previous transgressions.

I love the characters – Edward is sly and likeable. Bella’s strength and stubbornness are admirable, and their interactions are something to behold. There’s a wealth of other characters that amuse and captivate, for example, Alice and Jasper and their own star crossed love.

What I like so much about this fic is that it’s very well researched in piracy on the high seas (nasty teeth notwithstanding). The subject matter is realistic with a few creative twists. TKegl knows how to write an excellent period fic.

Cutlass is only fourteen chapters in and it updates weekly. I fall in love with the story a little more every Tuesday. Sometimes One-Eyed Eddie comes out to play on twitter, at @Pirateward. He’s oodles of fun 🙂

I highly recommend this fic – it’s incredible.

Thanks to FunmbiE for her help with this review ❤
You can find the story here:

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