*NEW FANART BANNER+BLINKIE* Indecent Proposal by @PattyRosa817

Indecent Proposal >> Summary
Edward’s heart was broken by the girl he’s loved for almost a decade. Drifter Bella wanders into Forks aimlessly one hot summer day. When their paths cross, he proposes a scheme to get them both their deepest desires. But things aren’t always as they seem & Fate can have other plans.

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Drama – Edward & Bella 

So someone, can’t even remember who, tweeted the other day that they were addicted to this fic. I bookmarked the fic and spent the last two days reading it and making this fanart to show my appreciation to the author.

To make this blinkie and cover-art I had to make yet another manip… lol (I HATE MAKING THOSE THINGS) but I just had to.

It’s not one of my best manips but it worked for what I needed it to work…so yeah…

Anywho, this fic is the first one I’ve read by this author but I can tell it won’t be the last.

I just love her Bella because she’s TOTALLY opposite from the fics Bellas I’ve read so far, she’s confident and a free spirit. She knows what she wants and goes after her dreams. She’s truly a breath of fresh air to fic Bellas 😀

Edward remains the uptight character we all know but the way he interacts with this Bella is priceless, the banter between them is amazing…I just love them.

The premise is simple. Edward is (or thinks he is) in love with his childhood sweetheart Bree Tanner. Bree however, has moved on to another guy.

Here enters Bella, crazy, no-filter, backpacking Bella. She meets Edward in an unlikely (and sort of hilarious) circumstance and sparks fly between them. Don’t think this will make things easier for them though…

Edward is dead-set in wanting Bree back and he has a plan…a plan that involves Bella.

I won’t say another word because I want you to read this, but I trust that you will love it as much as I have.

Here’s a blinkie for your time, 😀

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Find this fic on Fanfiction.net and The Writer’s Coffee Shop.


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