*NEW FANART BANNER* Tomorrow Is Another Day by @LyricalKris


In the post Civil War South, there are consequences for a Northern man who falls for a Southern Belle. A story of a friendship ripped apart by war, and rebuilding your life after near total devastation.

Tomorrow is Another Day by LyricalKris is an awesome historical fiction set during the post civil war period in North America.

I love historical fiction (just check my Goodreads :D) and I couldn’t be happier when my friend Licpa rec’d me this jewel.

Since I’m in my book cover craze I decided some fanart was in order. Sadly, Kristen has not acted in a period film yet (unless you count SWATH) so I had to make this manip to create the banner.

Bella in this story is a strong Southern woman, who has lost all the family she had left but still manages to be strong enough to support a friend in need (Jasper.)

Jasper is a truly tragic character in this story, I won’t tell you his story, because I want you to read it. Suffice to say that he has scars in him that go way deeper than skin-deep.

Edward is a Union soldier who was once an idealistic boy that after seen the horrors of war has changed to a weary shadow of who he used to be.

The story is nearly complete (only a short epilogue left) so this is a great time to start it.

You can find it in Archive of Our Own and Fanfiction.net.



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