*NEW FANART* Between the Covers by CosmoSydney (@cosmogirl7481 + @Sydney_Alice collab)

Hiya, here to share my latest fanart/rec 😀

Summary >> Between the Covers: Every day a different book. Every book a different message. As Bella deliberately works her way through the library, will Edward be able to read between the covers?

Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward

This is a collab between @Sydney_Alice and @cosmogirl7481 under the joint pen name of CosmoSydney.

So far (it’s up to chapter 10) this has been a UST-filled ride that I’ve greatly enjoyed. Bella is this witty, charming, smart young woman who spends her summer reading books in a library. Those who are not book-addict as I am would consider this a woefully boring activity for a 20 year old girl, but is not just her mind Bella is cultivating. Oh no! She’s cultivating a relationship with the Library attendant (keeper?) a boy not much older than she is.

Every day she checks out a book, and every day they ogle each other, taking the time to learn something new about the other.

Is this push-and-pull game that, as it unfolds before your eyes, not only will keep you entertained but will also make you swoon/fan yourself.

I’ll exemplify my feelings while reading this fic with images — as they are worth a thousand words:

Me, while reading the newest update.

Me, when I’m done reading the newest update.

Me, when a new update lands in my box a few hours later.

Yeah… I think that pretty much sums it. 😀

To make the banner at the top I had to yet again make a manip — which  hate making but is part of the business, ya know.

Not my best AT ALL but it worked for what I needed it to work so yeah…

Anywho, this fic updates daily — several times a day sometimes — so if you jump on the ride now you won’t be waiting around for updates or anything.

Give this fic a try, you’ll be sure to love it as much as I have.



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