*NEW ADOPTABLE BANNER* Inspired by @Fic_Pics Challenge 041: During the War

Woot! I freaking finally placed second on a Twificpics.com challenge! I’ve been trying for over a year without any success 😦

When I found out this morning this was my general reaction:

I literally was loving on everyone and wanted to hug my entire twitter timeline. Especially @FrozenSoldier who said such nice things about my banner 😀

Now I need to have this baby adopted and written. Anyone want to write a Pearl Harbor/Historical E/B fic? Preferably one that doesn’t follow the story-line from the movie, because let’s face it Kate Beckinsale’s character wasn’t very likeable. Who the hell sleeps with the ‘supposed love of your life’s‘ best friend not even a month after ‘said love of your life‘ was declared dead in action? WHO?

Anywho, to make this banner I had to yet again make a manip as shown below.

I’m so glad it turned out sort of alright because this one was hard with the funny light and funny blurry background.

Want to adopt this banner and write it? Just visit my adoptable banners page for instructions.

Thanks for your time,


2 thoughts on “*NEW ADOPTABLE BANNER* Inspired by @Fic_Pics Challenge 041: During the War

  1. This is great, Ange. The manip is really good and makes the banner that much better because it looks like a new photo and not one that we’ve seen around on multiple banners, cool to see something so fresh!

    I really like the theme and the old picture movie feel that it has. One of my faves of yours


    • Aw… Thank you 🙂 I was going for an ‘old’ look with this banner. i wanted it to look like an old pic/have an old feel about it. so glad you liked that aspect and the manip as well. *hugs*

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