*NEW BANNER* The Moment by CeeCee A. Picanzo (@lilvixendork ) – Part of @Fandom4TwifanG ‘s Compilation

Hiya people! I’m just here to share this new banner I made for CeeCee A. Picanzo’s submission to @Fandom4TwifanG‘s compilation.

This is a really sweet and uplifting one shot CeeCee A. Picanzo wrote in honor of Gisella’s memory and we all know the fandom needs being uplifted lately. 😀

If you haven’t donated yet to @Fandom4TwifanG you still have time! You won’t only get an amazing compilation but you’ll also get the chance to win lots of signed books and swags!

So what are you waiting for? Go donate, NOW.

Click here to go learn how: http://fandom4twifang.blogspot.com/p/how-you-can-help.html

Thanks for your time,


5 thoughts on “*NEW BANNER* The Moment by CeeCee A. Picanzo (@lilvixendork ) – Part of @Fandom4TwifanG ‘s Compilation

  1. Reblogged this on CeeCee's Circus and commented:
    *SNEAK PEEK* Here’s the banner made for my contribution to Gisela’s memory. Thank you to all that were involved in helping me make the One-Shot rich and something that Gisela would’ve been proud of. May her spirit live on in our hearts forever.

    To those who would like to donate, please visit the official blog, join, and get donating!

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