*NEW BANNER* Surviving in Winter by @22bluefic – Part of @Fandom4TwifanG ‘s Compilation

Hiya! It’s me again… 😀

So excited to share this banner I made for 22blue with you guys! She’s just beyond awesome and she’s donating this piece to @Fandom4TwifanG‘s compilation. 😉

A little tease from Ms 22blue herself:

Surviving in Winter

Summary: Bella has her quirks. Edward lives in the moment. We do what we do to survive. 

Rating: T


 Everything that’s not within these walls smells foreign to me.

I hate it and I love it.

I hate that the scent of disinfectant and meatloaf with congealed gravy is as familiar as the sky is blue. And I hate it when he is so pale, and I hate it when he sleeps.

I love the sterile and strawberry Jell-O because this is where he made me love him. And sometimes I love playing cards with Esme while he sleeps because she only tells me things she knows I want to hear.

Otherwise it will suffocate me.

I’m afraid. I know enough and that’s enough because I love him so much I can feel it. It’s deep in my stomach and in my throat and on my skin and in my voice.

 He doesn’t like to talk about it, as if he’s protecting me. Maybe he is, but I know he needs me as much as I need him.

 If I research and read and ask questions and try to understand the full immensity, like I should, I’m afraid I will drown, and maybe one day I will. One day I’ll drown. But not today, not for a while.

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