I want Pearl HarborWard so bad, I’m going to make you an indecent proposal…

So anyone who knows me at ALL knows I adore Historical Romances. If it happened before the 60’s I’m probably going to love it 🙂

I made this banner a while ago for the During The War Challenge over at FicPics.

So Last night I got thinking– not usually a good thing in my case– What can I do to sweeten the deal so someone would write me Pearl Harbor E/B? (Preferably one which is not even remotely close to the movie ’cause who the hell wants to read B sleeping with Edward’s BFF and getting pregnant with BFF’s child not even a month after Edward was declared MIA. As you can tell I wasn’t a fan of Beckinsale’s character :D)

So to entice people to write me a good Pearl Harbor E/B fic I made the following accompanying adoption blinkie:

So the brave person who is willing to write me a Pearl HarborWard fic (in which Bella doesn’t cheat ’cause that was totally cheating Miss Evelyn Johnson) gets to take the banner and the matching blinkie 🙂

Anyone out there brave enough to write this?

Email me via this form with a summary of what you intend to write for them, your pen name, tagline (if you want me to change the tagline of the blinkie or add one to the banner) and the title your fic will have (if you want to change the title I gave it.)

Come on! I know there’s a brave soul out there who can write me this!

I’m waiting to hear from you 🙂

Thanks for your time,


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