*NEW BANNER* Good Enough by @KekahJ

Good Enough

Good Enough

Author: KekahJ 

She is tough, smart, and independent. He’s been pampered and privileged his whole life. Til one night changes everything. Can she convince him that he’s still good enough?
Rated: Fiction T – English – Angst/Romance – Edward & Bella –  id: 8956020

Bella has suffered in life, she hasn’t had an easy life but she remains true to herself and her dreams. Edward has had everything handed to him in a silver platter and yet he doesn’t even try to realize his full potential until tragedy strikes. He makes a U-turn that leads him directly into Bella’s path and when their worlds collide they have to decide whether they can merge their worlds together or travel in parallel/separate roads.

KekahJ weaves a heartwarming story of a boy who has it all but doesn’t appreciate it, and a girl who has lost a lot but embraces a more hopeful future. They are as different as night and day at the beginning of their story, but slowly they come to see that they are more alike than they thought. Edward and Bella’s love story is sweet but full with heartache. A heartache that comes from past mistakes and past calamities.

Give this one a read, you might find just the right balm to cure your soul from a dreary Monday,

Bonne nuit!



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