Twilighted Fanfiction Download!

in some occasions I find myself unable to access internet for different reasons, thus unable to access my favourite fanfics…

so I decided to download the Fanfics I like and read them whenever I like, most Smart Phones as well as iPods support word/pdf files so I downloaded this program:

Fanfiction Downloader 4.0.3

now the problem came when I needed to download a story that was in Twilighted…luckily I came up with a solution that might look difficult but in reality saves a lot of copy-pasting time…

I’ll try to be clear in my explanation of how to do it: (only works for windows/linux)

step 1:

download this program doPDF

basically what this program does is work as a virtual printer, when you want to print anything, web pages, word or excel docs, if you select this program instead of your default printer it creates a PDF file of what it would look like printed, capice?

step 2:

go to the story in Twilighted you want to save, or download.

step 3:

once there click on the Table of contents link under Reviews, it will take you to the Table of Contents (duh!)

step 4:
there you have to look for this symbol

next to the stars the story has it leads to a Print-view of the whole story.

step 5: if you want the whole story skip this step

select the chapter/s you want in PDF from the table of contents links and click on them, once in those chapters go to the following step.

step 6: go to file, Print, instead of your default printer select doPDF and a dialog window will appear asking you where you want to save the file, save wherever you want it and accept.

Voilà! you have your story/Chapters saved in a pdf file, no copy-paste…