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My Best Friend’s Wedding

Chapter 1: Never be mine









Chapter 2: There’s nothing left to say but goodbye

Song Goodbye that Edward is listening to while he’s driving: (Btw I made this video, this is my Youtube Channel if you want to check out how obssess I’m with Twilight…I have lots of videos)

Chapter 3: Lovely Mistake

Song by Mariah Carey featured on the chapter: (this vid is for Sailor Moon, if you don’t know what Sailor Moon is, you should really find out because Usagi/Mamoru’s (Japanese Version) Bunny/Darien’s (American Version) Serena/Darien’s(LatinAmerica Version) love story is one of the greatest love stories of all time, very Romeo/Juliet kinda story, a love that trascended time and death…ok enough of my ranting obsession. Enjoy)

Bella’s House In Seattle:

Chapter 5: To kiss you properly

Can’t help falling in love with you-Elvis Presley (The song Edward sings while dancing with Bella):

Chapter 7: Love makes fools of the wise

Bella’s outfit to her little chat with Rosalie:

Edward’s outfit to his talk with Jasper: Yum…

Rosalie’s outfit for said talk:

Chapter 8: You are my Eternity

Song played on Piano by Edward:

Piano Version (Just imagine is Robert Pattison playing it):

Original 1935 Version lyrics with player on top of the lyrics:

Cover my Michael Bolton and Raul Di Blasio:

Only You (The Platters):

Restaurant they go to on their date:

Hotel they go to after the date:

Chapter 10: Mondays Suck

House Edward bought for Tanya:

Video Tour:

Chapter 13: How am I supposed to live without you?

Song Edward sings to Bella whilst she’s unconscious


Banners for "My Best Friend’s Wedding"

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Outfits My Best Friend’s Wedding

Items in this set:
Men’s Elegant Suit

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Okay…so I have no life, so I can skim through forums and Twitter often enough to discover some disgusting and scary things about the Fandom. These days all hell broke loose due to the fact that some M rated stories have sex on them. Oh! I didn’t know this *scratches head* I was so Oblivious! *voice is heavily laced with sarcasm*

Now I get it, yes has lots of teenage readers, but come on! Nowadays, finding Porn on the web is extremely easy. Parents should take a closer look at what their kids read and watch on TV and/or Internet. For instance I was reading Emancipation Proclamation, that story is beautifully written and it barely has sex scenes, however, is being pulled from Fanfiction and being moved to the author’s Blog (see this link, because considers it PORN….

And now I know who is behind this…

a Group of people self-proclaimed as the Literate Union is targeting popular M rated fics to get them pulled from…

Now one thing is reporting a story, another very different thing is to harass authors into, basically, stop writing…

My story is probably not even a blip on their radar…Nonetheless I’ve made the executive decision that from now on, all my stories, not only this one I’m currently working on, will be posted in edited version on…no sex, low potty mouth, etc, etc, and in their full version, unedited in this Blog…

Is the only solution I can come up with, and the most democratic…you’ll still get my stories updates at, and if you feel like reading the unedited version, and not the PG-13 version is just a click away at this Blog…Sounds good?

Now I’ve reported this group to this email address:

and you can do the same…

here’s my letter if you want to read it:

Dear Fanfiction Moderators

I understand that the site you run is quite large, and you cannot control everything that happens there. That’s the main reason you resort to us, readers, for the reports of any kind of abuse regarding the regulations or codes of etiquette you have set up for the site.

I have been following some rather unpleasant news over the last few days in regards of some fanfics being pulled due to the fact that they did not meet the rating requirements set up at your site.

And I agree with the essence of the complains, that the writers should meet these guidelines, however, you must recognize that as a site, that is mainly supported by people who uses it as a means to publicize services, or products, etc, you need mature, adult readers, that are the ones who own credit cards and can buy the products/services being offered by your sponsors.

However, with this witch hunt that some fics are currently undergoing, you’re not getting new readers, or new users, you’re scaring people away. Loosing readers, thus loosing people who could have put their well earned money into any of the things that are being advertised at your site.

Setting aside the issue of money, I will like to bring to your attention the incoherency of this rating system. If the site’s motto, is “unleash your imagination” how are writers supposed to do that if they are restrained by ratings that are so narrow in their scope, and/or blurry in their definition. So, I will like to urge you to be consistent with your rules, and more specifically clear with them. Establish a clear code of conduct and a clear Rating system stating exactly what falls under what rating. Do not expect the writers to be playing a guessing game with the rating system, trying to guess what they can or cannot put on their stories.

As for the rules that you have already in place, it would be most beneficial if you would enforce them, not only in cases of obvious violation, like in the cases of erroneously rated stories, but on your most pivotal of guides, the codes for etiquette amongst your users.

I understand that we are all different people, from very different backgrounds, but some ground rules should be put in place, to make our co-existence bearable at the very least.

If I find a story offensive, be that in content or just offensive to my grammatical sensitivity, due to the sheer amount of mistakes it contains. I do not read it. In more extreme cases when the content is just disgusting and utterly inappropriate, I just report the story. However, I’ve come to realize that a particular Group of people are spending their days, harassing writers, into pulling their stories from Fanfiction.

This Group known as Literate Union (see are no longer making a service out of reporting stories, they actually have a hit list, and look at this as if it were a game, like seeing how many ducks I can kill with my shotgun, or seeing how many people I can make miserable.

The Co-leader of this group (see just seems to me as the nastiest, rudest person in existence. His profile is filled to the brink with hateful stuff. He even goes as far as to use the swastika as symbol at the beginning of the page 卍. Now, I’m Catholic, I’m not even Jewish, if I’m offended by this, I cannot even begin to imagine how people from Jewish ascent must feel.

This Group, like bullies in High School, pick on the weak, on the most sensitive, sending hateful reviews that do nothing to improve the reviewed author’s writing, but in fact are designed to belittle them, and make them feel like dirt. They encourage each other to flame, and harass writers into pulling their stories from Fanfiction, and in the process they use crude, vile, language.

He (the co-leader)even goes as far as making fun of a dyslexic girl’s profile, on his own.

Example can be found in his un-edited version on Kittysaurus profile:

Quote An idiot who claims to ‘right good’ put this on her profile. Here is the original, so she can’t claim otherwise when she changes it later.
Georgasarus thnkZ i cannot right guld, well watch me.
” Hi, my name is Ginger Miller and I live in Sydney, Austrailia. I am thirteen years old and I am Dyslexic. I also have asthma. I both mean and sweet. I don’t normally cuss, but when I get pissed off I do. I have bright blue eyes, reddish brown hair and pale skin. People stick up for me, because they think I can’t stick up for myself, well they are certainly mistaken. 😛
I love horror movies. I also am intrigued by ghosts and demons. I know that demons are malicious creatures that live only to harm you; ghosts are the spirits that linger on earth. They don’t want to harm you, they just want peace. They don’t want to be bothered. I think that is it. Bye bye! :D”Unquote

Quote ” Hi, my name is Ginger Miller and I live in Sydney, Austrailia.
Dear me, can’t spell your own country right? Unquote
Quote I both mean and sweet.
‘I’m/I am,’ not ‘I.’ Unquote

And this is just the tip of the iceberg with this group/persons. Now how is this helpful? How is making fun of a person’s disability or problems going to encourage other writers to improve themselves? As a student of Linguistics, I’ve covered the topic of Dyslexia in my classes, and let me tell you being Dyslexic is not synonymous of being an idiot, Albert Einstein was Dyslexic, and if he’s not a good enough example that being dyslexic does not equal idiocy, I’m not sure what is.

So, all in all, you’re aiding these people’s efforts, that in my mind are mostly based on jealousy, because they cannot draw the interest other writers can, and in censoring your authors you’re loosing valuable readers as well.

If you want to keep us, if you want to keep me, as a user of your site, you need to immediately put a stop to this Group (Literate Union), delete Kittysaurus account, and send a strong message that hatefulness will not be tolerated.

Also, if you want to keep this site’s popularity, you should consider setting up some kind of pop-up, or register so that only readers above the age of 18 can access stories that are rated MA (if you do not activate this Rating, you’ll loose many, if not all of your adult readers)

I hope that this letter does not disappear or hits the bin; I want to believe that my voice as reader and user of Fanfiction has some weight, that is being heard.

I bid you farewell in hopes of seeing this situation resolved in the shortest amount of time possible.


I think is very self-explanatory….Now some music wouldn’t hurt

I think this summarizes fairly well the situation

“Witch Hunt”

A reign of terror on us
The persecution begins
Hold tight the circle
Working woe at ever chance
This is the end of innocence
Just one against the crowd
One torch to light the way there
One torch to burn it down
Through fire and trial
Confess your sins
The lady burns
And no one wins
The lady is for burning now
Hold her down
Against her will, against her word
Hold her down
And hope no more
Hold her down
Bring back the heads of sinners
Such witches don’t wear crowns
A spectre hides among us
Converge and watch them drown
Through fire and trial
Confess your sins
The lady burns
And no one wins

Please report this Group of people, and stop the Witch Hunt, the more report this, the fastest it’ll go away…