*IN SUPPORT* @Fandom4TwifanG Fandom Compilation in support of Gisela G.’s family

Hi, just stopping by for a moment to let you know about this compilation some amazing authors are putting together in support of @Mad4Hugh‘s (Gisela G.) family.

I didn’t have the privilege of knowing this lovely woman but the tragedy of her unexpected passing has touched me. As a human being I can relate to the pain of those who knew and loved her and I want to do as much as I can to make the situation less stressful to them at least.

So in my case I’ll donate my banner-making skills. If any of you write please consider donating your skill as well to this cause. To do so please go to the cause’s blog: http://fandom4twifang.blogspot.com/,  email them or tweet them.

Every little bit helps. Once you’ve signed up and if you need a banner don’t hesitate to contact me, I can be found on twitter, facebook, and you can also email me. I willing to do banners for any pairing and any fandom as long as you are writing for this cause.

Thanks for your time and much love to you all,


*Sigh* and you thought we didn’t speak to each other

So, apparently people think each banner maker is an isolated little island in the middle of a huge fandom ocean and we don’t talk to each other. Guess what? We do!

Therefore, it has come to our attention that more and more people seem to be asking the same banner/icon/graphic to different banner makers at the same time.

I’ve been saying for a while now that I’m not okay with this practice. That I think it’s wasting the designer’s time and that since this thing is for free, we are under absolutely no obligation to make you a banner/blinkie/icon if you already have one.

Sure you can ask.

I know many banner makers who are perfectly okay with this and will make you your umpteenth banner. But I’m not okay with it unless is fan art – which is not requested. So if you feel the need to have more than one banner/blinkie/icon for your story please DO MAKE SURE the banner maker in charge of this graphic is okay with being one of many. We do talk to each other and we aren’t that many, so if you lie to us we will find out.

Please don’t lie. Please don’t take the fun out of this activity for us. I’ve seen one too many amazing banner makers quit because of this reason and I don’t want to see any more of them leave. If you need so many banners talk to us, be honest and explain why you need them. We’re all adults here and there’s no need for all this sneakiness and lying.

Okay I needed to get that off my chest.

From now on I’ll put a list of “Stuff I’m working on” on my sidebar, so any banner-maker who wants to check can know what I’m making. I’m not the only one who will be adding that list on her blog, so do have that in mind when you place your next request. We are done wasting our time.

Every time you lie to a banner maker you make a bunny cry 😦

Doing some House cleaning

So I woke up this morning to the news that ImageShack pulled a Tinypic. For those who don’t know the story behind my hate for tinypic let me tell you a little story.

A few months back when I was starting with this blog and with all the graphic stuff I do now, I used to host everything in tinypic.

Tinypic is part of Photobucket, has been for a while, and still the service remained free. However, one day the execs at Tinypic decided that they have been cool enough about giving free Image Hosting services and cut us down cold turkey, no warning whatsoever.

Tinypic is no longer accepting uploads from international locations, and links are turned off. If you have content on Tinypic, you can still view the URLs and the content, but only on Tinypic. To upload, share, or link content, please go to Photobucket.com to register an account. You will need to upload your content again to your Photobucket account, but you will be able to share and link your images and videos. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and hope that you enjoy Photobucket, our premier image and video site.

Suffice to say I had a mini-stroke that night. Anywho, after a night of making me suffer with my Blog full of “Image No longer Available” Tinypic Blocked Images, they posted this:

We heard from many of our users in regards to these changes and we appreciate your feedback. Tinypic has restored linking to your images and enabled uploading. Please rest assured no content was removed from the site. We tried to notify users on Tinypic and requested they move their content to Photobucket. Unfortunately this messaging was insufficient and has taken many of our users by surprise and we apologize. Our intent was to begin combining some of the best features of Tinypic and Photobucket, thereby offering users a better experience. Any changes in the future will be better communicated. Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

All images started working again as good as new. However, if you had an account you will still have it, if you didn’t you can no longer create accounts there.

Now onto the why of this story. I don’t know about you my Americans friends, but down here, in South America, all I see when I look at an image hotlinked from Imageshack is this:


I did some digging around and apparently in a move to increase their traffic they are making webmasters register their domains on Imageshack, otherwise (if you don’t have a domain) the only way to view the hotlinked image is creating an account with them and viewing it on their site. 😦

Really bad news for a big part of the fandom who depended on Imageshack.

So, today I deleted all the things I had in my blog hotlinked to my Imageshack account, and reuploaded to my Photobucket – which is Pro as of December 27, 2010.

The images are still in Imageshack, I just don’t use those links in my Blog anymore to avoid the frogs. Also, that way I will no longer have issues with any greedy Image Hosting service that tries to pull this on me and the rest of their unsuspecting users.

There were a few Banners affected (post-tinypic debacle and pre-Photobucket upgrade to Pro) which I’ll list here:

If you were using my link from Imageshack to hotlink your banners on Twilighted, The Writer’s Coffee Shop, My Vampfiction, etc. Chances are your international readers are only seeing the frog as I am. If you want the new Photobucket Link (which is a paid account so it will not have this problem ever again) just click on the links provided.

That’s the direct link to the image and can be used to insert the banner anywhere (blogs, Archives like Twilighted and the Writer’s Coffee Shop, Web Sites, etc.) If you had the banner in your Forum signature just replace the image link in your code:

and it should work.

Your banners are still and will stay hosted in Imageshack, but I just wanted to give you this option because if I see the frog, people in other countries might see it too.

If you need any help whatsoever don’t hesitate to email me.