*FAN ART* The Agreement by Gemgirl65


How are you my dear friends? I come bearing gifts! So, I saw a few peeps rec’ing this on twitter (particularly @Lady_Packinson ) and I told myself: Okay this sounds interesting!

And it is! So, so freaking interesting!

I’ve seen a few fics in which Bella is an escort but I haven’t read any fics in which Edward is an escort so that alone interested me. (No I haven’t read the Red Line, that’s too hardcore for my wussperv heart. Kudos on you who can withstand that kind of angst.)

So, I made this fanart banner and blinkie for the story after I finished all 9 chapters posted so far. I hope you guys like them!

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*Fan Art* Secrets and Lies by @BellaScotia1

Yeah… it’s me again with more fan art… what can I say? Whenever I’m bored Photoshop calls me…lol 😀

I think I may no longer be a wussperv, or more like I think I’m a masochistic wussperv… only explanation for me reading this fic…

To make this Banner I had to make this Manip of Bella and Jacob:

Yeah, you read that right… Bella and Jacob… This may be one of the few Jacobs that I like – I can count them with one hand. Scratch that… I love this Jacob 😀

Summary: Bella once told a lie. A lie that cost her everything she ever wanted. 10yrs later, she returns to her hometown to an ailing father, an angry ex-best friend, and the man from whom she has kept a secret that threatens to unravel her existence. AH OOC M

Ooooh… sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

I don’t know how I ended up reading this fic. I think I saw it tweeted by @Twi_Network and I checked it out. I also don’t know how I got past the usual things that have me running for the hills (cheating, lying, character death, etc.) but I did, so this must be a testament to BellaScotia‘s ability as a story-teller. She kept me engaged in her story even though it’s nothing like my usual cup of tea.

This story has a sizable readership already, so it doesn’t really need much pimping, but if you feel like reading something that will make you cry, think, feel, and relate to real/flawed characters, I highly recommend Secrets and Lies.  This story has the most “human” Edward and Bella I’ve read in a while.

You can find the story here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6331684/1/Secrets_and_Lies


A Fanart Banner and a Manip

Howdy! Just stopping by to post this Fanart banner I made for To Be in Her Light by sunflowersongs


I also wrote a review for this story which is posted here: Click to read 😀

Since Kristen hasn’t shot any period films (except The Runaways but yeah that one didn’t work here…lol) I had to make this manip too:

In case you’re scratching your head thinking “Um… that looks familiar…” the base I used for this manip was a still of  Katherine in the Vampire Diaries TV Series… 😀

If you like Period fic as much as I do you should definitely give this story a shot.


A couple of manips, a banner and a oneshot rec

So I haven’t posted here in a while… Let’s fix that 🙂

First of all let me present you this manip I made last night:

for @TwistedInMasen

I made this because @TwistedInMasen posted a pretty interesting base on TwiFicPics (Click here to see base) and I couldn’t resist trying my hand at it. I’m pretty happy with the result even though Rob’s head looks funny… the lighting is all wrong but I did my best to fix it… oh well *shrugs*

Now another manip I made like 10 days ago for a Banner…


This manip made me seriously giggle. I don’t know why but I can see Rob in a tux, or normal every day clothes for almost any century. But anything manly, like a firefighter, a Roman Gladiator or a Scottish warrior makes me want to giggle… I don’t know why… I’m really silly about this…

I used this manip in this banner:


I found this two-shot fic-diving and let me tell you… it made me snot-sob like I was watching the end of the Notebook & Titanic at the same time.

I don’t usually go for angsty stuff because well I’m a wussperv… but this story was so beautifully written, extremely well researched, and the story was so compelling I don’t regret taking a chance on it one bit.

It’s set in Scotland, April 1745. The story is about a common Scottish man of that time, a farmer, who wants nothing more than to take care of his land and of his wife. However, he belongs to a clan who swore his allegiance to the Jacobite army (see risings→ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobite_Rising_of_1745 .) So, he’s honor-bound to respond to his family’s request and go to a battle he already knows he will likely lose.

I love Edward & Bella’s characterizations in this. Edward is a warrior but he has a quiet nature and a vulnerability that only Bella seems aware of. This Bella has to be one of the strongest female characters I’ve read in fic. She’s a woman of her time and a warrior too in her own way.

If you’re looking for a quickie to read during lunch or in the train back home I highly recommend this story. You can find it here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5094145/1/

That’s it for now. Maybe I’ll feel in a “manip mood” later and make some more… 🙂



Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving #6

Oops! We did it again! lol 😀

@tg10781 went FicDiving and found a little jewel hidden at the bottom of the Sea of Twilight Fanfics. Aren’t we all proud of her courage? She’s a real trooper when it comes to sacrificing herself for the good of the people and I ♥ her for doing this instead of having to do it myself 🙂

Anywho, I made the Banner again under @tg10781 ‘s instructions because she’s just awesome like that and she wrote the review… I hope you give this story a chance and leave the author some review love…

So buckle up and enjoy the ride 🙂


Summary: Bella loses her last living relative and falls into a deep depression. She also has an ex-boyfriend whom she can’t get away from. Can a gruff contractor named Edward bring her out of the darkness? Rated M for lemons and language.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Angst – Edward & Bella

Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6633773/1/Color_of_Loneliness

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

That’s typically what I chant to myself as plunge into the unchartered waters of random fic diving. I don’t always find something, but every now and then I’m lucky enough to find a diamond in the rough…

Although Color of Loneliness is only 5 chapters in, I already absolutely love it! ExquisiteEdward paints a vivid image of a mourning woman trying to get on with her life.

Bella has not only lost the last living member of her family, she also has to endure seeing the man she loved with the woman he left her for on a daily basis.

When life becomes too much for her to handle, she leaves her life in Philadelphia behind and heads to Forks. Bella hopes that the peace and solitude her late grandfather’s house could provide, will be exactly what she needs to get her life back together.

Of course, she didn’t anticipate the disrepair in which she finds the home upon arrival. Lucky for her, Sam, her wonderful and adorable elderly neighbor, knows just the man to help her out. . .

Enter gruff and cold Contractorward, who would seemingly rather be anywhere other than working on Bella’s home. Bella is turned off by his harsh attitude, but when her home begins to implode around her she has no choice but to hire him.

Will Bella be able to break through Edward’s wall? Will Edward be able to fix her broken heart?

Join me, Bella’s best friend Susie (Whom I LOVE! She is the quintessential loud and slightly crude woman that we all should have in our lives) and anyone lucky enough to have found this gem, and watch this wonderful story unfold!


Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 5

Okay, this time I’m taking the backseat for this ride. All I did was making the Banner (following @tg10781‘s instructions may I add) and I let her do all the hard work.

I think I like this better… I already told her she’s hired 😀

Anyways, without further ado,


Summary: One bored night, Bella goes online and stumbles across an American’s soldier’s profile. On a whim she decides to write Sergeant Masen a letter. She never thought she would get a response back from Iraq, much less fall in love with a man in combat boots.

Twilight – Rated: M – English – Romance/Suspense –  Bella & Edward


Early this afternoon I pulled on my big girl panties and went fic diving. If you’ve never braved these unchartered waters let me warn you, it can be a very scary place. It’s not often that I find something that I end up reading past the first paragraph, so when I found Sincerely, Sergeant Masen I was pleasantly surprised. It’s truly a wonderful story and so engaging that I read half of the posted chapters before even stopping to review.

Bella is a young woman (that’s right Sergeant Masen, WOMAN not girl!) that is adjusting well to her life as the adopted daughter of Esme and Carlisle Cullen. A slide show in class inspires her to search for ways to help the men and women serving in Iraq. She has no delusions of grandeur and isn’t out the save the world, but feels compelled to help in any way she can. Her search leads her to a site called Any Soldier, which eventually leads her to one Sergeant Masen.

His post is unlike any other. He doesn’t leave a list of things he needs or a sob story about his time in the sandbox, he simply states that his unit is holding up well given the solitude and that there are other units in much great need. Bella knows immediately upon reading his post that Sergeant Masen will be her soldier and writes him the first letter as soon as his address is delivered to her e-mail.

My favorite thing about this story is that it doesn’t fall into any typical Bella category. She can’t cook, she has self-confidence, she’s witty (she prefers calling it that over sarcastic) she doesn’t trip over everything in sight, and she ever plays high school sports! *gasp*

She has a wonderful relationship with her best friend Rose, who although still is a bit hard around the edges, isn’t the typical ‘Ice Queen’ (We’ll leave that roll to Bella and her tiara.)

She drives a NEW pickup truck and even has a fake boyfriend (Not Jake) to help keep the boys from bugging her to date them. She’s mature, caring, and not at all the same Bella we’ve come to know. I simply love her!

The author even strays from placing our well-loved characters into the rolls we would expect. Alice is serving in Iraq along with Edward, Emmett, and Jasper. Imagine that, Alice in olive drab green and not a mall in sight!

If you’re looking for something that’s fresh and original I highly recommend giving this story a chance. It’s currently twelve chapters in and although Bella and Edward have yet to actually meet I know it’s coming soon! Now go! Why are you still here?? GO READ NOW!! And don’t forget (like me) to leave the Author some love!


Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 4

Um… yeah I know this fic is quite popular and has almost 800 reviews so it’s not like you never heard of it… I’ve been witness of how much this Fic has been pimped by RoseArcadia over the last few months… But I’ve just seen the light so bear with me, okay? 😀

Initially, I wasn’t going to read this story because it was labeled angst, and as you know I rarely, if at all, read angst.  But I’ve been daring lately (just read The Lovely Bones after watching the movie, what a sad story) venturing into more angsty territories one step at a time. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail miserably and end up eating ice cream and watching the Notebook – again. 😦

This time I succeeded though 🙂

This story already has an amazing Banner (click here to see it, I don’t know who made it though :() and a let’s-all-stare-in-awe-and-stop-what-we’re-doing blinkie by RoseArcadia (click here to see that one) but I still wanted to make some fanart for this occasion.(See Banner at top↑)

Okay, now that we cleared up that one let’s return to what the story is about. All That Jazz starts with two sisters, Alice (17/18) and Bella (16). They are left orphaned when their mother, Renee, dies during the Spanish Influenza epidemic.

Bella is quiet, and shy. Alice is extroverted and daring. However, their friendship is remarkable in spite of their completely different personalities.

After a year spent under the ward of the state, they move to Chicago to live with their Aunt Esme, and Uncle Carlisle.

Bella worries about her future because now that her mother is dead she has no one to find her a match. Yes, she has those crazy early-19th -century beliefs that marriage and popping out kids is a brilliant and desirable future. *gags*

Alice wants more of life, and can’t wait to move to Chicago and see what the future holds for her now that many more doors are opened for them both.

When they arrive Bella feels intimidated by the size of the train station, the crowds, and the overwhelming fear for the unknown. Alice thrives and walks around the train station as if she owned the place.

There was a bustle of activity on the platform, people scurrying around carrying bags and other boxes. The open concrete shed amplified the sounds of men shouting orders at each other. The noise was deafening, making me want to cover my ears. Porters were pushing large carts carrying luggage as well as ushering important passengers through the crowd. With the last observation, I noticed a change in my sister. I watched as she took note of the well-to-do passengers walking behind the porters, shoulders held back and surveying the crowds. She immediately took on their air, smiling at the scene in front of her. This was her stage and she was ready for her entrance.

She shone as she stepped off the train; people stopped and stared at her as she walked by and it just made her smile and stand straighter. She breezed through the crowd and I gawked after her, forgetting to walk with her.

Quite different reactions, but in the end when the porter leaves them alone to fend for themselves and look for the relatives they don’t know, they both share the same question: what now?

“Alright, Misses,” the porter called over his shoulder, pointing and gesticulating with his arms as he showed us where to find things. “Your family should be waiting for you here. Your bags will come in over there. The taxis line up outside that door over there. And you can find a bit to eat there and there. Anything else? Have a good night.”

With those words, he was gone. Alice and I called after him, begging him to help us find the family we had never seen before. Alice turned to me as he disappeared into the sea of humanity, her cool clearly cracking.

Their lives will be quite the adventure from that moment on. They’ll be forced to grow up faster, and in the case of Bella, to redefine the view she has of life and what’s proper and not.

This story is set in the 1920’s (I bet you inferred that already from the flapper dress Bella is wearing on my Banner :)) and I’m a sucker for historical Romance. Javamomma0921 does a great job at making me feel like I own a time machine and I’m in Chicago during the early days of jazz.

So if you wanna give time traveling a shot, read this story and leave Javamomma0921 some review ♥

Twilighted.net: http://www.twilighted.net/viewstory.php?sid=11930
Fanfiction.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5928431/1/All_That_Jazz


Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 3


How are you?

I’ve come bearing gifts… in the form of two very sweet, very Romantic, very wussperv friendly O/Ss…

I was FicDiving the other day and stumbled upon the Age Of Edward Community from last year’s contest…

I was a lonely Fanfic Diver last year so I had no clue there were even contests, so for me this was new 🙂

Among the many jewels in that community, I found one in particular that made me squeal in delight… so sweet and lovely I was not surprised to learn it was the winner of last year’s edition…

A Kiss to Remember by wishimight

This O/S is just amazing. Not only is it sweet, very well written for the time period in which it’s set (Regency Era) but it has a plot twist that will definitely be a surprise for most.

This story will have you sighing and wishing things like these could happen in real life *sighs*

Of course I had to check wishimight other work, and that’s how I found O/S number two.

Dream With Me by wishimight

This story is sort of magical. There’s no other way to describe the events in it, but to chalk them up to fate, destiny finally coming to fruition. It’s Sweet, romantic, and fluffy. You’ll just love the way it ends.

So if you have some time to kill I recommend you to give these two O/Ss a shot. You’ll love them I’m sure …


Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 2

These are actually old Spoils of FicDiving, but they have remained with me so far, and they are relatively ‘hidden jewels’ so I thought I’d shared them with you.


It’s a story with a sequel, both can stand on their own, just in case you don’t want to read both.

Story #1

You’re probably looking at the Banner and scratching your head. Am I right or wrong?

WTH? right 😀

Anywho, this story is a story about growing up, about making mistakes, about learning from them. I would call it a story about discovery, discovery of one’s sexuality, discovery of love, discovery of lost, discovery of hurt, discovery of healing…

Edward and Bella are teenagers. They have been best friends all of their lives, ever since Bella lost her parents and went to live with the Cullens. Edward has been there for Bella from the very beginning, and he’s often overshadowed by Bella’s passionate personality. This is a problem that will hunt them for a long while.

Bella is an open-minded, risk-taker, fun-loving, sarcastic teenage girl. She’s the center of Edward’s Universe and Emmet’s favorite foster sister – well she’s the only one… lol… She’s one of the guys, not very girly in the way she dresses, etc.

In spite of her apparent courage she’s a chicken-shit by her own admission. Thus, when she’s nearing the end of her senior year she comes up with the brilliant idea that her best bet to lose her virginity is Edward. What could possibly go wrong if you lose your V-Card to your also virgin Best Friend? Right? *add sarcastic tone*

Here are some excerpts→

Chapter 3:

“Okay, okay… So tell me about why are we tracing our future sex lives and their downfall again”. He said with a quizzical look.

“I was trying to make a point about why we have to have sex before college.”

“WE have to? As you and me?” He smiled enjoying too much to put me on the spot.

“Don’t be ridiculous, that is not what I was saying… Though wait… You may be onto something”

“Bella, I was joking.”

“Bear with me for a second.” I said as an idea brewed in my mind.

“Dude, I did not know you thought about me in that way”

“Be serious, of course I don’t think about you in that way. Just as you don’t think about me in that way either. See, what I’m thinking is that I want to do my share of… experimenting in a controlled and safe way. I really don’t want my memories of my first time to be with someone that I’ll end up hating, and I certainly don’t want to regret it. Let’s just entertain this idea for a second. You’ll never hate me right?”

“Of course not” We could joke a lot, though we were sure what we felt for each other, and just about how far we would go to avoid the other one pain. We just didn’t have to put those feelings in words.

“And I’m pretty sure that we’ll always be best friends”

“Ouch Bella, pretty sure?”

“Definitely sure. Better?”


“Well, that, plus the fact that we don’t have the whole romance thing to fuck it up could actually make this work. And it’s not like we are lusting for each other.” I said with a serious look on my face.

“Ah… I think you actually need that part.”

“Well, I’m not that disgusting looking, right?”

“Not at all.”

“Well then that won’t be a turn off then. I know that it may be awkward though” I said as I realized I was soliciting my best friend right then and there.

“That could actually help the experimenting part, self discovery and other stuff” He said, and for a minute I thought that I may have had sold him the idea.

“Yeah, exactly, it can be more of a controlled situation. So you are starting to see my point.”

“Yeah, I think I can” He said looking down.

“I don’t want to bend your arm”

“Dude… It’s sex… Who needs arm bending?” His smile was back as he looked up to look at me.

And so, somehow I had convinced him.

Chapter 7:

“Who was she? She seemed… nice” I finally said


“The girl you were dancing with”

“Ah… Ashley.”

“You surely looked like you were having fun.” And I was already regretting saying that.

“She started dancing next to me while you were away”

“She was doing more than dancing next to you, she was telling you things on your ear, all over you” My blood was starting to boil.

“Is this what I think it is?”

“This is nothing. You can do whatever you want to do with whomever you want to, just don’t come to my bed when someone else got you all worked up. I won’t be used like that.” I was clamming up. Full protection mode.

“Is this what you think of me? I can see now how low I am in your eyes.” Disappointment was now palpable in his voice.

“This is just very complicated. I had not foreseen this contingency.”

“What contingency?”

“Feeling… territorial…”

He was lightly laughing.

“What’s so funny?

“Why do you think I put my hand on your hip when you arrived? And then why I had to come and hold you when you were dancing? I saw how guys were looking at you.”

“You didn’t like them looking at your little sister that way?”

“No Bella… I didn’t like them looking at my woman that way.”


Anywho, this story is completely written in BPOV, but it has a companion piece of the more pivotal Chapters written in EPOV.

Now onto the sequel.

Story # 2. Sequel to A Rite of Passage.

Okey Dokey, this is a little bit more grown up compared to its predecessor. It’s not angst-ridden or anything, but it’s a little bit more contemplative. It’s a story of looking back, a story of learning how to have perspective and evaluate your mistakes in the light of the consequences they had, a story about burning all your bridges and building them back from their ashes.

I would say it’s a story of: What the fuck am I am going to do with my life now that all my plans went to hell?


Bella continues to be her own lovely sarcastic self. Small little issue, her relationship with Edward didn’t work out, it didn’t survive College. Heck they are not even friends when the story begins! I’m not going to tell you how it ends, but you’ll have to trust in the wussperv, meaning moi.

*whispers* I don’t do non-HEA… lol 🙂

Here is an excerpt→

Chapter 8:

“I think our story is fresh out of grand gestures.” I said putting the shirt back in and pushing it back under the bed.

I got up and started walking towards the living room, turning the switch off as I left.

“I think not.” He said pulling me back to his arms and his lips.

I now had another brand new forceful, demanding and yet amazing kiss to add to our collection of firsts.

My lips and my body had no concept of the time past, for they were responding on queue.

My mind, however, had the memory of an elephant… A resentful one.

“Edward… We can’t…”

“Why not?” He asked.


“Karen broke up with me when I told her to never talk to you like that ever again.” He said between kisses.

“You are not broken up… You’re on a break…”

“Please… I need this… I need you…”

I couldn’t say anything else.

I didn’t want to.

So my hands and my skin decided to smother my mind to death.

Edward pushed me gently to my bed. With only the light from the living room, I could see his face between shadows. I thought that somehow we had achieved time travel, since we were now back in time.

He hungrily kissed and explored my skin with his hands: shifting, pulling, tearing off my body from its wrapping.

I did my share of unwrapping as well, and soon enough we were unencumbered by clothing, feeling our hot skins directly.

I was descending to madness and I liked it.

“I still know your body well. Let me show you.”

Er… *clears throat* I think that’s enough… 🙂

And that’s it. These are stories I read over a year ago, and I still remember details from them. For someone, who has read easily over 200 Edward&Bella Fanfics, remembering details from one that was read at the beginning of her obsession, it’s a true sign that this is memorable stuff. Both are complete, and the writer sadly doesn’t write for the fandom anymore, but at least she writes in Fictionpress, so something is something.

If you’re in the mood for drama, light ‘this could happen to me‘ drama, not the ‘I want to jump off a bridge‘ kind of drama, give these stories a go. You won’t regret it.

Click on the Banners to go to the story of your choice.

WARNING FOR THE GRAMMAR NAZIS: These stories are unbeta’d but so brilliant I bet you’ll be able to get past the punctuation errors.  TRUST!

Sharing the Spoils of FicDiving # 1

I’m picky, picky, picky… First we must establish that… I don’t read a story just because it’s popular, and has a gazillion reviews. Nope, I’m the salmon that swims against the stream and prefers to read what I like, what draws me, that which for some unknown reason makes me continue reading…

Another little fact you must know, I have reader’s as well as writer’s ADD. I cannot read/write a single thing for long periods of time, unless what I’m reading/writing consumes even my dreams…

That’s the reason why I’m an awful person to rec stories to – just ask Rhian0000 she will tell you all about it. Like I said, not just because a gazillion people recs me a fic does it mean I’ll read it. I’m stubborn like that, and I prefer to use the method with which I initiated myself in the World of Fan Fiction: Fic Diving.


I Fic Dive a lot, and I’m rather proud of having found by myself a lot of great stories. I even found MotU Fic Diving when it had like 100/200 reviews. Thus, I think the method works.

Fic Diving is like tossing a coin, you never know if you’ll get it right or wrong, but you continue to try… or at least I do.


Anywho, I’ve realized that I should share the little diamonds in the rough I find from time to time, hence the reason behind this post.

Thursday night I was Fic Diving. I was bored and wanted something different to read. I was so bored I even ventured into the world of Fics labelled Angst! As a wussperv, I guarantee you my kind just doesn’t venture into that world without looking like this:

Always prepared is my motto

Luckily for me, it was one of those times in which Fic Diving paid off! I found a little gem, that in my humble opinion deserves a hell of a lot more reviews than it has.

The story I found is called One of These Nights by MellieB40 .

At first I was wary of it for the odd pairing it has in the first few chapters, but I reminded myself that I was wary of MotU’s theme too and I ended up adoring it.


So, I made myself read all the posted chapters, even the non-wussperv friendly ones, and you know what happened?

I ♥ it.

Yep, I loved it! Amazing isn’t it? Even die-hard wusspervs can be swayed to the dark side aka ‘Angst World’ .

But what’s OoTN about?

Without being a horrible spoiler, I’ll give you the basics:

1- Angela is a paid escort: yes, you read right! Pastor Weber’s D is a hooker! Not the kind that walks the streets but the kind that has an ‘x’ number of fixed clients and tends to their ‘needs’ in her own house. Also, his father wasn’t a pastor as far as I could tell… this girl has a very sad past and my heart breaks a little for her.

2-Edward is Angela’s favorite client: *cue to gagging* Yeah, I know! I told you I almost didn’t read it, I bloody had a reason! Anyways, Edward is a 37 year old doctor who was burned one too many times in the love department. He just wants the good in relationships – sex, companionship, sex, etc. – without the bad. Hence why he turned to Angela. However, he’s a little more complex than that, and the layers start peeling as soon as he meets Angela’s neighbor… Guess who?


3- If your guess was Bella you were right! No awards though… sorry! Yep, Bella is Angela’s neighbor. She’s 27 and in the process of getting a divorce from her hub: Sam. He left her, and at first you really feel bad for the heartbroken B, and count the seconds until E charges into scene and sweeps her off her feet. However, E is a little bit stubborn, and tries to fight it.

My reaction to Edward's stubbornness. I'm very photogenic 🙂

Anywho, B is different but the same if you know what I mean. *points up at Banner at the very top – which incidentally I made* She’s Blonde, and has green eyes like Kristen Stewart. She’s sweet to a fault, a wallflower, self-conscious, but adorable. She earns money by doing some bookkeeping – which she doesn’t like very much – and by teaching piano.

See! I’m only giving you the basics and this story is already completely out of the norm in Twilight FanFic. What are you waiting for? Go read this story, and leave the author some love… she bloody well earn it!

That’s it from my front, until the next time I find something worthy of being shared.

PS. I need to chat with Rhian0000 less often. I said bloody twice in this post.