1-) Hi! How do I get a banner/blinkie from you?

Hi, I’m not currently taking requests per se. I ALWAYS try to take requests for Fandom Causes so if it’s for a fandom cause please fill out this form and I’ll contact you asap. I’LL ALWAYS ACCEPT REQUESTS FOR BANNERS FOR FAMDOM CAUSES.

If it’s for a regular story it depends. Since my time is very limited I prefer to work with people I already know, people who have requested stuff from me before and whose tastes I don’t have to learn from scratch. If we’ve already worked together there’s a big chance I’ll say yes to your request. It depends of how crazy RL is at the time you ask. Just tweet me or email me and we’ll chat.

2-) What do you use to make Blinkies?

haha… I use Jasc Animation Shop. For Banners I use Photoshop CS5 in case you’re wondering 🙂

3-) Do you make graphics for other fandoms?

*shrugs* I never tried, but I guess I could 😀 I’m a big fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Smallville, The Hunger Games, Divergent and Insurgent,Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, apart from Twilight so I could try graphics for those fandoms…

4-) Er… I don’t get why you have the rules you have for taking requests… Could you explain to me why you only do E/B banners or why you won’t make banner/blinkies for a story that already has them?

Sure 😀

A- I only do Blinkies/Banners for stories in which Edward and Bella are paired together.→Personal preference. If E/B don’t exist in your story I’m cool with any other pairings you have

I’m sorry, but I’m an strictly an E/B girl and I’ll probably have to read at least part of your story to do a good job. I really can’t stomach E with someone else or B with someone else. So if your story has non-canon pairings I don’t mind as long as your E/B are together.

If you want to, feel free to take a peek at my sidebar on my homepage. I have a list of Buttons of ‘Where you can find other Blinkie/Banner makers‘, and I’m sure one of them will be willing to make you a Blinkie/Banner if E/B are not together in your story.



I personally like the people who was cast in the Twilight movies — still indecisive about The Hunger Games Movies. Regardless, finding good pictures that I can use of the people cast in the movies is far easier than finding pictures of some random actor/actress you like. So as a rule I only use pictures of people cast on the movies, unless it really doesn’t work or the character is an OC (original character) non-existent in the novels/movies.

Example: Bella is 40 something, in which case I’ll need you to provide pictures of your “40 something Bella.” I won’t choose the actress for you.

C- I prefer NOT to make Banners/Blinkies for stories that feature CHEATING, SEXUAL and/or EMOTIONAL ABUSE, RAPE, CHILD ABUSE, CUTTING, SUICIDE, INCEST.

I’m a very sunshiny person, I just wouldn’t know how to channel my inspiration to make Banners and/or Blinkies for something containing those topics. I wouldn’t be working at the best of my capabilities, and you don’t deserve that from me. Again, I have a list of Buttons of ‘Where you can find other Blinkie/Banner makers‘ on my sidebar you can check out if your story deals with these topics.

D- If you already have a Banner/Blinkie from another artist, please tell me so in advance.

I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes, and the Banner/Blinkie maker community is tiny. If you asked another Banner/Blinkie maker for a Banner/Blinkie, and then he/she sees his/hers replaced by mine… Um… I really don’t want to have to answer questions or gain unnecessary enemies. Okay?

People are very sensitive about their work – that includes me. So please tell me in advance if you have another Banner/Blinkie, and if you do, why do you need another one.

This is not a competition – you may very well have very good reasons to want another Banner/Blinkie – but I do have a great respect for other artists’ work, and I would like to keep things as polite as possible.

Also, please don’t lie. Community=Tiny → Me finding out very very soon.


E- If you asked another artist for a Banner/Blinkie already, PLEASE do not ask me for anotherWait until you hear from him/her.

I’ve seen cases in which two artists were working on the same Banner at the same time and honestly it’s a waste of time. Consider this, there are thousands of stories being posted, and only but a handful of artists. The time that other artist and I invested making two Banners/Blinkies for the same fic at the same time could have been invested making a Banner/Blinkie for someone who really needed it.

F- If you don’t like something I put in the Banner/Blinkie like the color scheme, one of the pictures, etc, after I sent it to you, feel free to ask me to change it. I’m not afraid of constructive criticism, and this is your Banner/Blinkie for your story. You should like it, not me. 😀

Remember: Sadly, I’m not inside your head and I’m not Edward; I do not read minds. You have to help me, and tell me what you want so I can make you a pretty Banner/Blinkie that truly depicts the spirit of your story.

G- Please credit me as your banner/blinkie maker. Once upon a time I used to sign  everything I made. I don’t have anything in particular against the practice of signing your own stuff, but as a general rule I don’t find it visually pleasing to put too much text in a graphic. Therefore, if I have to choose to take some text out, my name is the thing that will be left out. I still want credit for what I created though, so I really appreciate it when the writer puts my name under the banner/blinkie when they post their graphics on Twilighted, or other Fanfiction archive sites that support graphics. Even a little shoutout on the writer’s blog would make me immensely happy. I won’t tell you to shout from rooftops my name or sing me praises while dancing under the rain but yeah, even a simple thank you in an A/N can come a long way. 😀

5-) Do you take requests for other graphics apart from banner/blinkies? 

As a general rule, no. I just prefer making those two types of graphics over any other type I know how to make.

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