*NEW BANNER* Little Buttons by @Choclover82

Little Buttons

Lately, I feel the urge to kidnap fics for my evil purposes… ChocolateLover82 was kind enough to let me kidnap hers for my evil graphic purposes. 😀

Little Buttons » Summary
A fortunate encounter while wandering the city may lead Edward to realize that, perhaps, not everything is lost. But is he ready? AH, ExB.
Twilight – Rated: M – English – Hurt/Comfort/Romance – Edward & Bella

I was very surprised when I saw that this fic had under 1000 reviews. It’s very well written and the story is so unlike anything I’ve read in TwiFic so far. You can already tell from chapter 1 that the story will be different in a good way.

Chapter 1

I turn my head and really look at the bakery. It’s very … cute, I guess I could say. The flow of people making their way inside never stops and they all look a little bit happier when they leave.

Right above the bakery, there are two windows and a small balcony in between them. The balcony has window boxes, filled with flowers, all in different colors that shine under the sun. Some of the flowers reach up into the sky seeking the light that gives them life and others, strangely enough, seem like they’re reaching down toward the bakery, bending like they’re trying to escape the confines of their little prison-boxes and be free to go inside.

Maybe they are trying to sniff a little bit of the godly scents coming out of there, just as I was a few moments ago. I wonder if that’s the case; would those flowers smell of pastries as well, or even possibly taste of brown sugar and cinnamon?

I shake my head at the idiocy of that thought. Pastry sniffing flowers.

Still, flowers or not, the person living above that bakery must have the time of their life, waking up with such scents each morning. Or perhaps they are sick of them, sick of the sugary breeze and the damn fresh bread warmth making its way up.

I pity them if they are allergic to sugar.

Above it, there’s the third floor. Unlike the second one, the balcony reaches all three windows there. The door in the middle is open and the breeze is moving the white curtain. Left to right. Right to left. The movement seems … sensual.

Something hitting my feet breaks my moment and when I look down, there is a red ball resting there. I look up trying to see where it came from and a little boy is standing in front of me, one arm holding a very worn teddy bear while he sucks the thumb of the other one.

I pick the ball up and make motion as if asking it it’s his. He only giggles.

I guess it is his, so I gently toss it back. He releases his thumb and picks it up. He can barely hold the bear and the ball as he walks back to his mother, who has been watching our entire exchange.

As I watch them go, I lift my hand to my hair, running my fingers through it. It is really hot and my pastry is gone.

I suddenly have the urge to pout.

It is then that I notice that my right cuff is loosening and when I try to fix it, a damn button goes flying out, falling right next to the fountain.

“Shit,” I curse and go retrieve it.

When I find it, I find myself rooted to my spot, just staring at it.

How odd and simple can buttons be. Simple, yet so important. Holding two pieces of fabric together, keeping the skin we want to cover … well, covered. They come in many shapes and colors, some we can see in plain sight, others work in a more secret way. They can be only decorative at times, but even then, they make the clothes look put together.

They make us look put together.

They are all important, but it’s those little buttons that I find most fascinating. Their size prevents them from being seen most of the time and they seem almost too fragile to fulfill their mission, but they do it in the same way as the others. They’re just not pretentious about it. We truly never pay them attention until they fall off.

“It’s not going to attach itself you know, no matter how much you look at it.” A voice says to my right.

When I turn, I see this girl standing next to me, facing me. She has a beautiful smile and looks amused at my behavior.


But what strikes me the most are the colorson her, around her, shining from within her. I’ve never seen something like this before. I can’t stop staring.

She’s shorter than I am, reaching to my chin I guess. She has shiny, long brown hair up in a ponytail. I bet it’s wavy when it’s down. Her eyes are this incredible chocolate brown color with little specks of hazel around the irises, something that only the sun above us is able to show.

I want to get lost in those eyes.

Her lips, oh her lips. Full and pouty and red, but not just any red. No. The red that looks more like cherries, cherries you can’t wait to taste and lick and feel in your mouth, letting their sweet juice dance on your tongue and drip down your chin.

I want to taste those lips.

Her skin is pale and under the sun looks a little pinkish. It looks so soft and flawless and a little sparkly with the layer of sweat covering it. Little drops of it are making their way down her neck, between her breasts.

I want to lick that skin.

Can you guess who Edward just met? *giggles*

Both Edward and Bella are very visual people. And you can tell from the amazing descriptions this fic has. Bella is a seamstress at the beginning of the story and Edward is a Fashion designer, owner of one of the most renowned Design Studios in Paris. See what I told you about this story being good different?

Also, for those of you who love UST, this story delivers in spades. Edward and Bella have some stuff, some baggage in their pasts that makes them wary of new relationships. Thus, they dance around each other for a while before they finally become physical.

I think I’ve said enough and I don’t want to spoil you too much but I do want you to give this fic a try. It’s almost complete and the author is a sweetheart.

You can find the story here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7023561/1/Little_Buttons



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    • Jikes…for some reason my comments thought you were spam… :/

      Just saw your comment…no problem bb..it was a pleasure to kidnap your fic for my evil graphic purposes 😀

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