*NEW FANART* Dear Veronica by @cosmogirl7481

Dear Veronica >> Summary: 1994 was the year that The Cranberries lingered on our radios and Jordan Catalano was still the hottest boy we could imagine. But it was also the year that Bella Swan decided to keep a diary. A record of her actions. A place to share her thoughts.
Rated: Fiction M – English – Romance/Humor – Bella & Edward

You know that I’m infamously wusspervy when it comes to choosing something new to read. I love romance and I can handle drama but I usually steer clear from angst.

If you’re like me this new fic by cosmogirl7481 is your dream come true.

Remember that time in your life when you would hug your pillow and scream of joy against it because the boy you liked said “hi”? Remember when you would blush and stammer and make a total fool of yourself trying to keep a conversation with said boy? This is the story of a Bella in that exact period of her life.

Veronica in this story is her diary with which she shares her secrets and thoughts.

Dear Veronica,

Have you ever known someone who sees you? I mean, really SEES you? When no one else has ever really seen you at all? Even the people who are supposed to love you and know all about you but they don’t? Not really. Not about the things that are real. The things that are important.

So, this is the one girlie thing I was telling you about.


Edward Cullen

Only he’s not girlie. At all. He’s a boy. Well, a man. Well, I don’t really know what to call him. See, he’s older than me. And while he’s not old enough to say, I don’t know, go into a bar and order a drink, he is old enough to buy a pack of cigarettes. Well, he’s more than old enough for that. And he does. Buy the cigarettes, I mean. He smokes. And I know it’s bad for him, but can I tell you a secret? I kinda love it when he smokes. I mean, I really, really love it.

It’s sexy.

Bella is cute and young and completely infatuated with flannel-wearing, broody and sexy Edward Cullen. What more can you really ask for? *big happy sappy sigh*

To make this banner I had to make a manip, because there’s no pic I could find of Kristen writing in anything remotely similar to a diary. lol I hope it’s believable enough 😀

I highly recommend you this story which you can find in Fanfiction.net 

You’ll be left feeling all happy and sighy and even a little bit younger 🙂



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